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Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by C. Roc, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. I love shaving under my arms and putting baby powder there. Anything that feels girly is good.
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  2. which i just shaved and new cage is on and locked
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  3. OMG yes, the feeling of freshly shaved legs and other spots it amazing!! Love how my panties feel against my smooth area and then the feeling of the pantyhose over my freshly shaved legs is like no other. I finish it off with a girdle and then my bra!!! Just love being able to express my fem side
  4. I'm new to the chastity scene and shave my legs and underarms. I usually tuck and tape but now have been contained in a device for the first time this week and are loving it. My wife is away but I have left my key at my workplace so I don't have any release at home in the evenings. The combination of wearing a slip dress with nothing under it down below and not being able to get any stimulation and being forced to sit to pee is really making me feel feminine.
  5. Al
    Always reminding u that u cant touch it...
    Wiggling to get comfortable..
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  6. I've been peeing like a girl ever since my wife told me that I can never again touch my penis and it feels so natural now. Shaved my entire body again today and feel SO feminine.
  7. So hot after shaving... chastity forcing is to sit.. feel fem just doing it...
    Shaving right now.. love the act...
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  8. It's lovely being a gurl.
  9. Yes and yes!!
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  10. i like it
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  11. It seems the desire n need to be femme is strong in few of us..
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  12. With supportive wives and Mistress' we can be the gurls we want to be. I feel very lucky to be so loved.
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  13. Strong in a few of us... sorry
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  14. I read it that way... :)
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  15. I began having the feeling when I was a little boy and over time it became overpowering. Am very lucky,
  16. Dressing as a woman turns me on and I feel quite sexually stimulated when dressed this way and my associated enforced chastity stops me selfishly relieving myself increasing my sexual frustration intensified by the additional excitement of cross dressing. The combination of cross dressing and enforced chastity is a very powerful / frustrating combination and a great tool for the keyholder to control and frustrate her sub.
    However as stated by many the chastity control has to be real as introducing such a powerful stimulation such as XD will for many push them to attempt to escape for relief, however if their chastity is secure or at least secure in the sense they can be detected at attempting to circumvent their predicament the overall experience will be much more rewarding for the sub.
    I like many who are not PA'd yet can escape from almost any device but I have to say that getting my penis back into my latest urethral device with the rear shield we now use is impossible so far and I have not been able to defeat my chastity which for me makes the whole experience real and a real mind rush knowing that I am being stimulated mentally and controlled by another person so I am effectively helpless sexually which is the experience I am chasing.
    Its appears we have found a way to make this a frustrating and pleasurable experience which I attribute to me now accepting my chastity as real.

    If you can escape its not as rewarding and it becomes just a sexual selfish game that the male is controlling. Taking the males sexual control away is the most important factor and ultimately the most rewarding aspect of enforced chastity imo.

  17. Would having a man caged and cuffed and then forcing cross dressing on this man Be traumatic of pleasurable? Is there a way to tell?
  18. I'm crossdressed pretty much anytime I'm home. I own no male underwear. I wear panties 24/7 and only dress male to go to work or outside chores.. I'm ashamed to say that I've become somewhat lax about removing the hair on my body, but it grows almost immediately it seems. Maybe I need to do that today.
    Interesting event the other day. Our daughter did a Facetime call the other evening with our grandkids in the frame also. She told me as I passed through the den where she was. She turned the phone so I could wave to them. I was dressed femme and didn't even think about it at first but signaled her to turn the phone once I remembered.
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  19. That whole Facetime thing has nearly gotten me in trouble too. It's easy to answer the phone and not realize it is a Facetime call and not a regular one.
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    Forced cross dressing is just a male fantasy. Unless you keep him as a prisoner or blackmailed, its impossible.
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  21. I've often wondered if the motivation for some young men to cross dress is that what they are craving is sexual intimacy with a woman/girl their own age that looks and dresses the same way that they are aspiring to achieve. If they then get aroused by the experience and then sucessfully masturbate that may re-enforce their motivation for dressing to point where it becomes a fetish of varying degree.

    Of course I may be totally of the mark but its just me adding my twopennorth.. or 2 cents.
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  22. not me. its cos i want to be a girl and i have for ages and ages.
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  23. That has been clear to many of us for some time Jemima and was not my intention to comment upon or question the very real situation that you and many like you are in. It was only my intention to mention the possibility that some young guys start cross dressing for motives other than issues relating to their own actual, percieved and desired genders.
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  24. I can say that when I started wearing women's clothes, it wasn't from any feeling of wanting to be a woman. I really don't know why I first tried them on, but once I had, the feeling of the material, and the fit of the (mostly panties at that stage) felt realllllllly good, and made me get hard almost immediately. It wasn't for a long time (many years) until I realized that I was somewhere on the male----------------------female scale that was more to the female side. I may have started because of your theory, filltee, but over time I realized that there was something feminine inside me that I felt good about expressing.
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  25. About 10 years ago, I came as close as possible to a "Forced Crossdressing" situation. I voluntarily went to a BDSM Mistress and learned a safeword to use if I reached my limit. Then, she collared me and attached the collar to an overhead hook, stripped me of all clothing and then dressed me in panties, bra, nylons heels, and wig. The, handcuffing my hands behind my back, unhooked me from the overhead hook and led me to a dressing table where she applied makeup with me facing away from the mirror. She then uncuffed me and applied fake nails. I then had to walk around the room in heels and talk with a soft voice. Finally, she revealed me to a mirror and I was shocked at the woman I saw. That was a big turning point for me! While I could have uttered the safeword at any time and stopped the proceedings, I did not, so that makes it un-forced, but I was coerced!
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