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Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by C. Roc, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. This is a personal question, I’m talking about Cross dressing. I think I’m getting draw into it. I love my wife. I am sexually excited by her and females. If she wanted me to dress as a maid or be her sissy I would. But I’m having strange feelings. I am comfortable wearing ladies knickers under my day clothes! I have a feeling that next time everyone is out of the house and not expected back I want to wear one of her skirts, (not a super sexy one) . I would be happy to let my knickers peep out over the top of my trousers, if I visited a place where I was not known & unlikely to revisit. It's the trill of being different. The feel of different fabrics on my body
    I through I got my wife to consent /encourage me to wear knickers (see How do I get my wife to let me wear panties ) but I was wrong.

    So I’m asking why do you Cross dress.
  2. Although I titled myself as sissy with my member name it's only once in a blue moon that I crossdress. I am locked in chastity and my wife enjoys emasculating me in her subtle ways but she does not condone any crossdressing and would get rather upset ( I assume) if she ever caught me. So even though she likes to privately emasculate me verbally, she'd never want me to dress up and has told me so. So with that being said I do have a fetish for sissy outfits such as satin and vinyl maids uniforms and anything frilly and princessy. Over the years I'd purchased pvc and vinyl outfits for my wife and she would wear them for me in the bedroom. As time went on the outfits became more sissylike versus slutty or sexy. They covered more of the body and had a lot more frill and lace. I think I was subconsciously buying them for myself. My wife and I are similar in size and height so I can happily squeeze into many of the things I bought her as I later found out.

    So on the rare occasion that everyone is out of the house for the day, I'll put on my wife's black vinyl maids uniform and accessories and clean the house, of course plugged too. I love the feel of the material and even the faint scent the vinyl gives off even when it heats up. I love the humiliating feeling I get in my stomach when I see myself in the mirror all dressed up. So, overall I wouldn't define myself as a cross dresser but on the rare occasion I like to get sissified for humiliation purposes.
  3. I had very similar worries about my wife learning of my feminine feelings and hid my wearing of panties from her for about a year before being caught by Her. Thankfully, She took advantage of the situation and began to use my feminine interests to gain more and more control over me. She has gradually been feminizing me for about 5-6 years and we moved into an FLR over time and with a lot of open and soul baring communications. I understand that many/most women would not react the same way to learning that their hubby likes to crossdress, but I am convinced that our ability to openly and genuinely communicate our personal wants and needs to each other has been the key to our relationship.
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  4. I was never interested in cross dressing until my wife insisted I wear panties instead of male underwear 24/7 .then she bought stockings heels and so it went on
    Now I really enjoy looking pretty for her although only at home or under my business clothes
    I have found it grows on you i guess but I love it now specialy the shaved legs :)wish I had done it years ago
    My wife loves it she buys all if my feminin clothes
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  5. I think i sometimes do it because it makes me feel different! To not accept that you have to be normal nowadays and i just love the thrill of it! To do something nobody knows you are doing or wearing. It started with wearing panties but i'm expanding to stockings and garters now! I just love to do it once in a while
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  6. Since I'm 9, I feel the desire to wear female clothes. At beginning "hired" from my mother's drawer.... or stolen here or at any occasions. Was getting caught many times and had to burn my collection!
    Student, then adult, I built progressively a large wardrobe. But I used to dress for a few hours and then, after a good wanking I was always feeling guilty and stripped off. Only panties that I sometimes used to wear under male clothes were worn for a full day.
    I worried about the bulge in my groin and tried to tape everything down here. With an heavy panty liner and several girdles on, I was happy of the result... And started to discover the pleasure to have his penis away with no possible erection.
    One thing lead to an other, and chastity belts start to be my new kink. But that is an other story!
    I think if I had internet when I was student I would have asked for a sex reassignation. As I don't want to be a strange "in the middle" creature, I'll continue my life of cross dresser!
  7. I have dreams and fantasies of cross dressing but I live with several guys with no privacy.
  8. I don't know what originally drew me to trying on women's clothes, but I remember borrowing items from my mother, panties and bras, and slipping them on. It got me very aroused back then, and continued to do so for many years. Even while in the Navy I found ways to wear panties under my uniform at times. There were gradual purchases (back then it was mostly through catalogs, there was no internet) and the inevitable purges. Nowadays the only time I wear male underwear is when visiting the doctor, and I dress totally most of the time I'm home. It isn't really a turn on for me any more, I just feel more comfortable and 'right' this way. I agree with Chastylady. If I had known more back in the day, I probably would have tried for reassignment.
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  9. Have always been submissive but was never interested in cross dressing until 3 years ago when I met a new lady who told me from the start I was to wear female clothes.She had always wanted a female slave and decided she would transform me while she searched.
    She started me on bovine ovary supplement to grow breasts and make me more feminine and forced me to wear female clothes when at home. At first I fought against it but to no avail. I gradually began to feel more feminine and now 3 years on it has become my norm.
    Unfortunately for me she found a real female sub and moved back to Europe about 6 months ago leaving me half way to female
    I am too old to transform completely but now feel more feminine than male. Still dress as male outside and have to hide my breasts, but live at home as female and absolutely love it. No longer orgasm with my male clitty which was made useless from the supplement but have learned to orgasm from my male pussy from being trained with her strap-on and these days from a dildo.
    Be careful what you wish for. There is no going back for me now, although I no longer want to and am happy as I am, although wish for a relationship again.