creative Domme wanted for 24/7 Control

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    i am a experienced slave owned for 12 years and are finding my newly gained freedom ,very hard to cope with. I am 47 years old male and been very active in the Swedish BDSM public scene.
    i am wondering if there is any interested in totally control my life and slowly take away more and more of my "free" time and comfort , by using tech ,cameras ,software and apps..
    I have all the hardware camera,surveillance system locks ,cages,fucking machine , whipping machine,stockade, etc are all controllable from anywhere in the world with a internet connection . Enforce strict dress codes , i have maid uniforms ,heels , corset chastity belts and devices , limitless possibilities for a creative evil mind... I would love if this maybe lead to a IRL relationship , but it is not a deal breaker if not..
    The tech is easy to use and easy to learn , it is based on a smart home platform and a D-Link camera system . We can set a trial period or long term .
    If you like the feeling of power and the thought of a man suffering just for you said so , this is for you..
    Image you wake up at night , casting an eye on your clock ,reading 05.00 ,knowing exactly where i am ,how im dressed and what i am doing , following your strict scedule hour for hour ,minute for minute ,suffering for you... secure "permanent chastity" possible ... i thank you for your time ,and wish you long days and pleasant nights..
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