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Creampies mmmm

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Happy wifes matter, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. We are weird critters. It really doesn't take very long to associate one with the other.

    After a bit of time I start to crave it. I will be going through Tumblr to send mistress and all the ruined orgasm gifs start to get me wanting to clean it up, I've even had my mouth watering.

    Associating your sole orgasmic pleasure with the act of licking it up, does make you crave it.

    Like most, since my incentive is gone once orgasm occurs, my craving ends.

    Mistress gets no real pleasure from feeding it to me, or having me lick it off me. She does however enjoy me licking it out of her, mostly because I'm also pleasuring her.

    She does however enjoy me doing as I'm told, taking me to my most submissive state by doing something I do not care to do, and for me to show her my willingness to put me last and her first. The act itself is nonsexual, a loving command that puts me into subbie mode that much quicker.

    The very act of her being stern, and unyielding in this, shows me how much my submission means to her and the act always brings us closer together.
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  2. So my wife unlocked me for me to clean the CB and myself and told me I could masturbate if I wanted to as a reward for being good. I decided to try and give myself a ruined orgasm so I could eat the load and well I was successful and it tasted great! every time in the past when I tried to give myself a ruined orgasm I went too far but because I've been locked for 2 weeks without any masturbation or anything it was easy.this time so I think for me that's the trick do it every few weeks after no touching and once I fall in love with eating it try eating it after an orgasm. is it strange that after eating it I wanted more? and as I write this I want more?
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  3. Unlike many here, I enjoyed this for several years before starting chastity or FLR. At first she was clearly not comfortable with me going down on her after she knew I had just filled her up. But I didn't let her discumfort discourage me from going down on her, and of course, I most always make sure she orgasms again while clean up goes on. Now she has no discomfort with this activity, knows what I'm doing, and she gets to orgasm a second or third time. Works out real well for both of us, and we both love it. However, she still has no tolerance for this unless it involves PIV. She can't handle it any other way presently.
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  4. Don't tell her it's about the cream pie, tell her that you want to finish her with orgasms by eating her pussy. Don't have her focus on you eating the cum from her pussy, chances are that once she finds how well she can cum just after being fucked, and realizes how much better and nicer it is not to have a mess of cum dripping from her that she has to clean up, she will see it as a win/win situation for her. The fact that it's gross and nasty is part of what makes it appealing
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  5. The focus is always on her having another orgasm. That's probably why my clean up on the side no longer bothers her, and I think she pretty well knows now how much I like it anyways.
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  6. well thats originally how and why I wanted to lick her in the past. Normally I lick her to orgasm then we have sex till I orgasm and the times I wanted to lick her after to give her another orgasm (because mine was so amazing) she says that's gross you are not licking me pushes me off her and gets out of bed to clean up.

    I've tried everything to get her to let me give her more orgasms during/after sex, once my cock enters her V she doesn't want my tongue down there. Also often times during the week I have to beg her to let me lick her and give her an orgasm. (I love making her cum) Shes just tired at night and just wants to sleep. I don't get it though because when I do talk her into letting me lick her she has intense orgasms,I would think she would want them all the time.
  7. For years I told my wife about my desire to clean her creampie, but she was not really into it. Usually as soon as I would cum, she would get up and go to the bathroom. Since I also lost my desire, I would not try to stop her.

    For the last year, however, she has started to get into it. Now when i am about to cum, she tells me how much she is looking forward to me cleaning her up.

    I have never posted on a forum before, and after some further thought i will start a new post to introduce myself and share last weeks creampie experience (not from my wife.)
  8. I asked my Wife for this and She thought it was gross. A few weeks later after I came in Her, She told me ok, do you want to lick it? I chickened out. I sounded disgusting.
    We both laughed about it.
    I still crave it, but She doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Damn, I screwed up again.
  9. I have posted this before,but don't know if you read it.I like creampie as well and always kissed my wife after she sucked me off,she always kept a little bit and we would enjoy it together.One time she sucked me and I asked her to take my full load and transfer it all to me when we kissed,as I came I told her I had changed my mind and just transfer a little as I had cum rather a lot .She decided she wasn't having that and held my arms down forced my mouth open and spat the whole load into my mouth,my god it was a mouthful,I rather enjoyed it but would advise just a little it's easier to swallow.
  10. I have ate wifes a few times and have gotten a bj and she did not swallow and kissed me. Gave it to me and then i swallowed. I want to but lose interest afterwards. She thinks it is so hot, major turn on when i do. I want to and am getting more comfortable with it
  11. You have ate them from me a couple of times. I think it is very hot and I love when you do. I'm going to need you to do it more. How can I get him to do it more? Any suggestions?
  12. Tell him that either he eats it or he will not cum ever. Should be problem solved.
    I have eaten my cum since I was a teenager so it is no problem for me.
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  13. Simply sit on his face after he cums. He will learn to love it if it is something you enjoy.
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  14. This may sound odd but I miss eating my cum more than I miss not being able to cum whenever I want.
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  15. Yes I love to sit on his face! I might just have to do that. Not give him a choice...just do it.

  16. Yes I am his Mistress I can do that! He has been trying to eat his cum some lately. He is getting more used to it.
  17. This is about what pleases YOU not him. If it turns you on make him do it no matter what. If he truly wants to please you he should do it.
    When I am allowed to cum in my wife there is nothing I like better than to eat her out after. The taste of her juices and my cum together is amazing.
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  18. No it doesn't sound odd. I love swallowing cum!

    Yes still trying to learn how to be a Mistress. I am not very good yet with putting my needs first. My husband already does that for me. He is a very considerate and passionate lover. I haven't had to assert myself to get what I want so I'm new at this. There are things I want him to do that I don't say anything about during sometimes so maybe that is what I can focus on and make him do.
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  19. I really like the idea of my wife being on top and after I orgasm she slides up and sits on my face. No escape just have to take it. I think she likes the idea but she knows after a good orgasm, like what was said before, I don't want to. Bit the whole time leading up I'm hoping she will..I'm n sure soon she will make the move and make me do it. Because that's what I need to do it.
  20. Next time, you don't wait for her to ask you about it. As soon as you have finished you immediately go down on her and take care of business. She will become comfortable with it in no time and will actually learn to love it and even expect it. There is still hope. lol... My wife found it gross for a brief time, but only because she thought I would be uncomfortable with it. When she realized I liked it, maybe even wanted it, everything changed. This is something you still can enjoy and have a shot at in your relationship.
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  21. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try this out. I might get spanked for my attempt but it's worth it to me.
    Chastity is such a great lifestyle. Who would have thought that I would ever be asking for advice on how I could eat my own cum from my wife's vagina.
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  22. You are the Mistress , your wants come first if there is something you want him to do then simply tell him , as the sub his compliance should be automatic , and if not your control needs to be reinforced with a suitable punishment , given time you will both find what works for you , good luck and above all enjoy your new found place as Mistress
  23. You are the mistress,he must exceed to your wishes or suffer the consequences.I suggest you tie him up,fit him with a dental gag to keep his mouth open,then give him a BJ then when he cums catch it which ever way you desire,then pour it straight into an open mouth and down his throat.Im sure he'll enjoy it,I certainly would, after all it's meant to be fun and be enjoyed.Hope the ideas are a help.
  24. It's not my favorite thing to do. Although I do love the being told to knowing I don't have an option
  25. Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but what's "PIV?"
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