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Could this *be* any more humiliating?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Lanas Pet, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Lana's sissy pet and her Goddess were discussing edging recently, and how Lana's sissy pet should treat her Goddess' property. Somehow the subject of humping pillows came up, but humping seems a little aggressive for such a feminine little sissy. So we came up with this new approach.

    Lana's sissy pet is going to get an old pillow with a plain white pillowcase, and put one of her old neckties on the pillow. This is going to be her new boyfriend, Phillip Lowe (philow -- get it? Lana's sissy pet is so funny sometimes. other times not so much). Of course, sissy must refer to him as Master. Two nights a well, Lana's sissy pet must put on several coats of bright red lipstick, and have Master lay on top of her. The only way Lana's sissy pet can remove the lipstick is by passionately kissing Master, while doing her best Meg Ryan impersonation -- she's sure everyone knows that scene. Lana's sissy pet must spend the night with her Master on top of her.

    But that's only part of the humiliation. During the evening -- or whole day if it's a weekend -- Lana's sissy pet must ask her Master for permission every time she goes to pee. After asking, suitably submissively, to make wee-wee, Lana's sissy pet will flip a coin. If it comes up tails, she can pee, but heads means Master said no. She then must beg Master for one minute solid, and she can then flip the coin again. And again, tails means permission is granted, but heads means no. If Master says no twice, Lana's sissy pet has only one option -- she must suck Master's cock for five minutes. At the end of this time, Master will relent and sissy can finally go wee-wee.

    If that wasn't humiliating enough, remember that Lana's sissy pet is married. And while her wife is used to all the things Lana's sissy pet will do, Lana's sissy pet is not allowed to warn Her in advance about this one. So, at some point, she will walk in on Lana's sissy pet earnestly begging a pillow to let her pee.

    is there any way to make this scenario even more humiliating? Well, if anyone has any suggestions, please comment! Pretty please?
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