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Corporal punishment

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Serafina's pet, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. What is the worst implement you've have used to correct a behavior?
  2. Answer from receiving side: Nipple clamps with really strong springs put on, pulled, tugged and twisted. Then taken off and put on again, rotated by 90°, and again pulled, tugged and twisted. Then taken off and fingernail pinching in various directions, intensities and angles. That was truly hell. A relentless caning followed. Beatings come and go but the nipple treatment is something I'll absolutely try to avoid in future.

  3. 200 from the cane does it for me.
  4. Ouch thing the most ive had was 20 though that was good.
  5. Nipple clamps and CBT parachute on balls with 5 lb weight attached. I thought my balls were going to be pulled off and make me into the girl that I feel I am.
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  6. What was it you did? It sure seems awfully harsh.
  7. Ouch! Clamps hurt while on and then again coming off.
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  8. Love the cbt, my goddess has done the 5 pound from chute assent to bad. Then she made me jerk. One hell of a tug
  9. i think that the cane is the worstest thing cos it hurt dreadful and leaves horrible marks all over the bottom. I has only had it once and that's enough i think. i don't really like the paddle a lot but its a lot better than a cane. I don't know how anybody can keep having that.
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  10. W
    We were out and I complained about my wife being on the phone to her boyfriend
    Here is a pic. My bottom doesn't look too bad but if you look closely you can see how raised the welts are. After about 70 strokes it goes rock hard

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  11. She also puts her cigarettes out on it
  12. I'm sorry. That looks plenty painful to me. I imagine you work hard to avoid those kinds of things.
  13. My wife is going to brand me I'm dreading that
  14. I want one but think she's going with a tat
  15. Have you seen my tat
  16. Icks! On your bottom? So very painful. What will the design be? Not to large I hope.
  17. Have you see
    n my tattoo
  18. Have you seen my tattoo
  19. I posted a picture of my tat. It wasn't very painful. She will be adding to it in the next few weeks.
  20. Where is the pic
  21. I just reposted it. It was in its own album, I've moved so I post a few more pictures.
  22. Have you seen mine
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  23. I did go and look, blush.
  24. I had knives and cigarettes used on me, kicks to the balls that put me down on the floor and then kicked again, Vampire gloves, Talon and all sorts of nipple clips, face punching, strangling, pins, and more, but the one I hated the most was the cane. My wife broke her fiberglass cane on me last month. I have been into S&M for 47 years so got to try a lot of things. I tend to not like quick biting pain like from a cane. I am sterile so CBT was a mainstay for a long time. My wife's girlfriend used my infertility as an excuse for punishing me.

    At 66 I have slowed down. My wife likes ballbusting, face slapping, nipple clips and impact toys. Her latest is an anniversary gift from me. It is a handmade wooden spoon with a hand painted Hello Kitty on it. My mother used a wooden spoon on me for punishment so no wonder I grew up to be a sexual masochist. :)
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    Pain is a very personal thing. What one person finds unbearable another finds quite acceptable. When I worked regularly at a pro dommes, it was always drummed into me to test the waters before applying the rod. I was amazed at how much some could take.