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Corporal Punishment

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by edgedontcum, Aug 9, 2017.


Do you sometimes crave corporal punishment?

Poll closed Aug 16, 2017.
  1. Yes, and i beg for it

  2. Yes, but i never beg for it

  3. Yes, and i beg for it, and then immediately regret asking for it once it begins

  4. No, i never crave it

  1. i am curious if any members care to reply to this poll. For me personally, i often crave it, and sometimes beg for it, but then wish i didnt ask for it once it begins. But, i never learn!
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  2. I'd go for the beg for it then regret it once it starts!
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  3. Mistress is just not into CP and, on 2 occasions, has outsourced that function to a pro domme friend of hers. The first time, I was really excited and anxious to go, but after the punishment that I received, I am somewhat hesitant about asking/begging for it. It was pretty severe and, since it was not my MIstress, it was pretty impersonal and I had absolutely no say in what I received.
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  4. Hello @edgedontcum@edgedontcum I do a points crave this and have begged for it but always regret it , I too even after many years don't learn , which is madness on my part , my mistress can when she is in the mood deliver very severe punishments , I know this from past experience and yet still ask for it . My mistress takes great pleasure in giving these punishments which always leave me crying and regretful , why do I do it ???? I cannot even explain that to myself , its just a feeling of deep submission and a need to feel her authority which starts out as excitement but rapidly ends in tears
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  5. I was into S&M for much of the last 47 years. Without some pain, even just pinching my nipples hard, I have a hard time reaching an orgasm. My wife knows this so she will slap my testicles and either pinch my nips or have me put on the Talon nipple clips. She knows that is the quickest way to get me hard.

    My wife's girlfriend of 30 years was a real sadist when it came to sex. She would moan with pleasure with each of my moans of pain. At first I had to teach her things but soon she was doing things on her own. She burned, cut, welted, bruised, crushed, slapped, punched, choked, plugged, pegged, canned, whipped, paddled, and uses a crop on both my butt and my genitals. I never begged for it because we did S&M either before or after our threesome. My wife was OK with the less extreme stuff and participated but most times it was just me and our girlfriend with a lot of S&M gear to play with alone.

    I guess by submitting to her sexually in an S&M sexual relationship could be considered asking for like someone only into bondage sex expects bondage and his or her submission is asking for it in a way.
  6. Yes, My wife owns 2 crops. One is more of a switch since the flat end fell off, however she has never really used them on me. I tell her she should really be more strict with me. I find myself sometimes slacking off at times and later hope that she will find the gusto to use her power over me to enforce some rules. If she ever does I will try and remember to come here and tell you if I regretted the punishment... Till then I will try and be good, and hope that she will learn to keep her "pimp hand" strong
  7. I love the submission.the power exchange and the suspense leading up to the whipping. Cornertime, restraining me, positioning me then making me wait while she gets ready having a drink or taking a phone call all build the suspense. Finally hearing her footsteps as she approaches to administer the punishment. The build up excites me but I can't wait until it's over as I don't enjoy the pain.
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