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Convincing Wife

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by janderson32151, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. The two cages she ordered will arrive tomorrow but she's starting now. Last night she got me hard and kept me hard for over an hour then said she's sleepy and turned over and went to sleep. This morning she sucked my cock for about 20 seconds then quit, smiled, and said have a nice day.

    This morning I've been asking myself, what in the hell have I created.
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  2. You've created a domme -- or perhaps simply unleashed one.
  3. You have created what you wished for
  4. you've turned your wife into a sexy sweet tease :D. Enjoy.
  5. It's easier to wear a cage 24/7 than to wear occasionally. You should ALWAYS be wearing it unless she wants it off. Nigh time is the most difficult time but you should try to get used to it. Ask her to keep her spare key handy so you can get to it at 3am. Try not to drink much and it helps with erections at night. Sounds like you are on your way to quite the adventure!

    PS- You may want to invest in a high quality strap on so you can give her all the PIV that she wants. No reason that she should have to go without just because you are locked up!
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  6. Thanks for your advice. I've been wearing a 2 inch round ring since Saturday to try and get used to it. The first cage should be delivered tomorrow. Erections the first night were quite painful and I had to remove the ring once. Each additional night the pain has been less and now the discomfort actually arouses me. I sent your suggestion about a strapon to my wife. That and everything else dealing with sex is her decision now.
  7. Also, use the shortest cage that you can wear when soft. Extra room for growth makes it hurt more when it tries to grow. Small cages help keep it from getting erect. A little lotion or oil around the base ring can help with the burning skin as well. Have fun!!!
  8. The cages my wife ordered are 1/2 inch shorter and nearly match the girth of my cock. She doesn't mind if I have some discomfort at times but she doesn't want real pain. She's already said I'm out of luck with discomfort and there will be consequences if she has to remove it.
  9. How romantic. It's comments like this that make me feel like people are total fakes and that I've just waisted lots of time and effort.
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  10. I don't understand why you think I'm lying. Please elaborate.
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  11. Certain lifestyles, opinions or practices may just not be understood, shared or accepted by everyone, triggering unexpected reactions. Or, it might just be a day day. It's not new, don't take it personally.
  12. [having] a bad day.
  13. Thanks. I don’t take it personally and I’m patient. Apparently I’m going to have to learn to be even more patient since my wife has really embraced this kink. She’s been reading a lot and most of what she’s read has really turned her on. She won’t tell me what it is that turns her on though. She just says I’ll have to wait and see while giving me a very evil grin.

    As for Sarah8, she has given me some very good advice that I’m very thankful for and she’s partly responsible for the successful introduction of my wife to male chastity.

    I’m sure I’ll post more pictures of how my wife torments me and might take requests as well.
  14. Idk maybe I'm just an unbeliever at heart. Things progressed way faster than I found believable. You haven't even gotten the first cage yet and she's already went from being an adventurous but submissive wife to talking about keeping you locked no matter how uncomfortable it is unless you suffer the consequences? If it's true it's awesome, sounds like you got exactly what you wanted.

    I just can't see her going from mostly submissive and occasionally dominant to your perfect teasing and demanding keyholder so quickly. Either way in a weeks time it seems like you two have already progressed further than I have and are already venturing into waters that I've been either unwilling or afraid to swim into.

    We also live in the panhandle maybe in another week or two we can meet up and she can teach me a thing or two. What city are you in anyways?

    Regardless of what I believe I'm pretty sure you are off to a great start and won't need advice from someone as inexperienced as me anymore. Good luck!
  15. We're in the Ft Walton Beach area.

    I'm sorry that what my wife likes and her rate of progression do not match your view of what they should be. All couples are different. She's been reading a lot about male chastity and what she's read has really made her horny and that's how she's formed her ideas. I'm sure we can all agree there's a difference between discomfort, pain, and injury. In my wife's mind, pain and injury are to be avoided. I'm going to have discomfort during night time erections and she's not going to remove the cage. If she removes the cage because of pain or injury, it's just an excuse for her to have more fun when the cage goes back on.

    I wouldn't say your inexperienced, you gave very good advice and I appreciate it. I truly hope you continue to offer advice when you think it's necessary.
  16. Not necessarily what I think her progress should be, just that it wasn't what I expected. Anyways I feel like I know a little bit about what not to do while starting out since my husband has about as much determination, stubbornness, and patience as a wild bull. But we haven't gotten into much femdom play so I doubt I'll be much help.

    However we live in tally so we're about 3 hours away. Maybe we will cross paths sometime.
  17. Both cages arrive today and tonight my life changes; I'm a little apprehensive. Actually, I'm a lot apprehensive. My wife was nice to me last night and gave me a blowjob. After the blowjob she smiled and said I hope you enjoyed it because it will be a while before you cum again. She's been reading about edging and ruined orgasms.
  18. I can speak from experience -- once your wife's inner domme has been unleashed there's no going back. When I agreed to a female-controlled marriage, I never dreamed that she would emasculate and then feminize me. But she always knows what's best for me and my transition to womanhood is proceeding beautifully. Best of luck to you both. She sounds like an amazing woman.
  19. Thanks
  20. I'm continuing this in the Vault and the thread name is, "Convinced Wife".
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