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Convinced Wife

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by janderson32151, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. This is a continuation on, "Convincing Wife" from the Foyer.

    My wife locked her cock up at about 7PM last night and said I will stay in it for 24 hours to start. She began tease and denial about an hour later. She sucked the cage and told me how much she would live to finish me off. I was completely willing and she said maybe tomorrow. Later she made me masturbate her to orgasm while telling me it's going to be a long time before I have the privilege of her pussy. While laying in bed she began giving me very passionate kisses while fondling my balls and then said, "That's enough for tonight" and rolled over to go to sleep.

    Reality hit me like a ton of bricks and I had indescribable feelings of lust. I did something that I thought would take longer and asked her to please let me cum and she said, "Maybe tomorrow, go to sleep."

    At about 3AM this morning during my most painful erection I put some lotion on my ball sack to try and pull more skin thru ball trap gap. It worked a little in that my balls no longer looked and felt as if they might burst. Most of the pain subsided and a little later my right testicle actually slipped thru and was no longer trapped. The same thing happened with my left testicle a little later. The lotion allowed my escape once my cock became soft.

    I was using the 2 inch anatomical ring. When my wife awoke she said to try the 1 7/8 inch ring, I will not cum, and the cage will stay on another 24 hours since I slipped out before the first 24 hour period was up. I said it wasn't my fault and she smiled and said, "I don’t care."

    She's really immersing herself in this kink and appears to really, really be enjoying her role.
  2. yeah I agree, try the 1 7/8. Even with lube they shouldn't slip through. Sounds like your getting what you asked for though :D
  3. Much like yourself I found the 2 inch too large. I have yet to slip out from the 1 7/8 inch and frankly it was more comfortable.
  4. Do the early morning painful erections get any better? If she's not using my cock she refuses to let me out of the cage unless there's a medical reason.
  5. it takes two weeks of no sex before the prolactin starts increasing. then it will ease some..... but then she will know what to do to start it all over again. enjoy the ride.....
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  6. yeah in the beginning they are the worst. It gets better. As long as your not bleeding or any chaffed skin you'll be fine. Eventually you will hardly notice it.
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  7. Great, my wife has been inspecting to make sure everything is going well.
  8. Usually the erections ease if you get up and go pee as soon as you realize it's happening. Wait too long and your erection will use the cage to rip your balls off! (that's what it feels like anyways).
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  9. Thanks for the advice. Although I characterize it as popping my balls like water balloons.

    The problem was the pain made my cock harder because I know my wife is enjoying seeing me in this pain.
  10. I am out of my device for a rest period but I can say that the pain from erections was always decreased by waking up and emptying my bladder.
  11. If you cannot get your lubricated little finger, up to the first joint, underneath the ring and move it all the way round then you have probably got too tight a base ring.
    DO check frequently and often initially that your scrotum is not blue and/or cold if it is you very likely need to switch rings, unless you want to lose them.

    Pins and Needles is also a very good indicator something is wrong and your cage needs to come off there and then ... and if Pins and Needles stops without intervention then something is usually very seriously wrong.
  12. Thanks. No pins and needles and no actual blue balls. The base ring fits well by the criteria you listed when my cock is soft. When it's hard I can still get my little finger under it.

    I do check periodically and so does my wife.
  13. I don’t even notice the early morning erections any more, but for the first two or three months after we started this I was up most mornings for a pee. I was expected to be 24/7 after about the first six weeks and my Wife thought the erections in the morning thing was really funny.

    One thing more than any other makes working through this period absolutely worth it. Before chastity erections were just something I got, either by design or by accident. While they felt nice, that was it. Now, when I am allowed a full, unfettered erection, it feels absolutely fantastic. Just having an erection is amazing, let alone whether I get to use it. Also when she lets me get an erection and then numbs my penis completely so the sensation goes but the visible evidence is still there is the sweetest of mindf¥£§
  14. Thanks, ironically the numbing cream she ordered was delivered today.
  15. I love using the spray we have got. It gives me the chance to actually look at what we are doing, look at how much joy I am giving my Wife. Before, when I was allowed to cum and it had never occurred to my her that there was any reason why she should say no, I’m not allowed, I used to think of anything I could to stop myself cumming too quickly. Brussel sprouts, shopping trips with the mother in law, beetroot, anything. Now I can concentrate on the woman I love without the worry of not performing.
  16. She took her cage off of her cock so I could wash it and told me that if it grew any at all I get another day locked up. I failed and she smiled as she said I earned another 24 hours locked.
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  17. My Wife likes it when I get erect, it makes her feel sexy. My increased response to her sexuality is what makes her such an effective and happy keyholder.
  18. My wife loves my erections as well. I’m awake right now because of the discomfort from an erection. Thank goodness the discomfort is going away. At the height of the feeling of as if my testicles were going to pop, my wife asked if I’m ok. I said I’m hurting and she said ok, turned over and went back to sleep.

    I had already checked and nothing was actually blue, cold, or tingly.
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  19. Holy shit last night was difficult. Earlier I didn’t mention that my wife changed the cage to a CB-6000 knock off. She selected the base ring and chose the second from the smallest locking pin and later changed that to the smallest locking pin.

    It is escape proof unless I break the cage. My balls are not damaged although there may be some chaffing. As soon as my cock goes soft there is no pain. My my wife will inspect her cock and balls soon to check them.
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  20. We went camping on Friday and Saturday and returned today. She removed the cage and gave me a blowjob that was out of this world. She left it off for Friday and Saturday to allow some chafing to heal. She told me to put it back on this morning and to use the next larger size spacing pin to see if my nuts slip thru tonight during my nocturnal erections. The way it feels I’m confident it to will be inescapable without destroying the device. I asked an hour ago if I could install the next larger pin and she said no she wants to see how well the current pin works. I also said there may be less pain tonight with the larger pin and she smiled and said it ok if I’m in pain during my erections.
  21. Last night my wife told me to finger her pussy and suck her tits which made my balls hurt; that was her goal. Just before going to sleep she told me to think about the last time I videod her sucking my cock because, "it's going to be a very long time before you feel my lips around your cock again". She smiled and rolled over to sleep.

    I woke every two hours with my balls on fire and around 2 AM I asked her to unlock me which of course she refused and quickly went back to sleep.

    I've used the advice offered to me on this site and what I've learned has really helped.

    My question is, are there any other tips or tricks others have found useful?
  22. have you tried putting something on your balls like a lubricant to help with chaffing? I always liked 2 toms sport shield roll on. It really helps with night time erections.
  23. Thanks. I've used lotion but last night I used Vasoline. I bought Desitin to try tonight. I'll try your suggestion asap.
  24. yeah those things will help but honestly it just takes time. Eventually your skin will adapt and toughen up