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Controlled by my alpha

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by PupKirby, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hey, i just got started into pet play just being an observer for a long time. I found out that my gay friend is into pet play and one thing led to another and now he is my alpha pup. He put me chastity a couple weeks ago and now i am back in to it again. I didn't realize that even after a short amount of time how much power that gave him and i'm really enjoying it. I just wanted to share my experience.
    Thank you x
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  2. I enjoy pet play with my wife, however we almost never do it. I like being bound on all fours following her around just hoping I will get petted, or better yet let out of chastity to try and do her doggy style. I would like for her to force me in this position for a whole weekend with eating from a bowl on the floor, and going to the bathroom like a pup, and sleep next to the bed on the floor or better yet in a cage. She would require me to lick her a lot and might let me have sex with her doggy style on the last night!

    Best of luck in your adventures, we always enjoy real sorties/experiences
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