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    One of the amazing things about our jouney is that it started years before the internet, yet allthe kink we read about we were living, makes you think there is nothing new just rediscovered.

    Lynn and i were semi living together but she was getting more and more control, i was not resisting just going along ,we were feeling our way along,she is the one with the imagination. Lynn had told me that i am small and didn' do much to satisfy her with my cock so most of my contribution to her orgasms were/are oral. Lynn went to work early in the mornings as a computer network supervisior i went to work usually later in the mornings,many mornings she would stopby my house ,let herself in pull my covers back and jerk me off, so that i wouldn't be intrested in the women at work. From the beginning she always like for me to be naked while she had clothes. that continues today.

    One night we went to the movies and on the way out we ran into a couple she had gone to high school with, Trish and Charles,Lynn dated Charles their senior year and Charles started dating Trish in college and later married that was 7 years ago and this was the first time the three of them had seen eachother.We all went out to get something to eat and talk after the movie.over the nest month or so we would see them at least once a week, Lynn and Trish were becoming good friends. It finally got summer and warm enough to go to the beach so we rented a condo for a long weekend. WEarrived at the condo Friday and went to the beach and pool, after dinner we were back at the condo, Lynn and Trish didn't waste time they had already planned to swap husband and almost husband. We were in one large dimly lighted room after we were all nude and things heated up Lynn and Charles went to a bedroom and Trish led me to the other bedroom,Trish seemed to be as in charge as Lynn .Trish had me use my mouth for her many orgasms and finally she mounted me for her last orgasm and we layed around talking when she told me that Lynn told her about my lackof size ahd that i was very good with my mouth but i was the smallest cock she had ever seen, even in high school, i am used to that fact so it has little effect on me. after a couple of hours Lynn knocked on the door and Trish went back to their room.Lynn told me to take a shower to "get the smell of Trish off you". When i got back in bed Lynn started trying to get me hard but it wasn't working, so she said "get down there' that is how i am always told to get my mouth between her leggs, i didn't want to because of Charles, Lynn grabbed my balls and nearly tore them off and said if i didn't get down ther and get her off she would get a belt and beat my balls off. i didn't get any gobs of sperm , i did get a slight taste of Charles, I don't know if Charles had the same pleasure.

    The next morning i did manage to talk Lynn out of sending me out to the kitchen with everyone else while wearing panties,but i knew that was coming since she had the idea, so i may as well prepare for it.Lynn told me that for the year she and Charles had dated he was ony allowed to give her oral sex and he only received a hand job ,last night was the first time for penetration and to cum in her. she also said that he is much larger than me.We were all pretty tired aftr the day before and last night so we layed around and finally decided to get in the hottub we turned the water temp down earlier so it would have time to cool.The girls got naked and got in so Charles and i had no choice so we peeled of our shirts and shorts i didn' t think about it but i was wearing some hip hugger panties white, rather plain, Trish noticed and said before i could get them off, nice panties,Charles turned and looked, and nodded in agreement, this was humiliating, Lynn said turn around a model for us i did, when i looked back i could see Charles standing in the hot tub his cock was hanging down flaccid and was still as large as mine when i am erect, so another embrassing moment was seconds away, as i pulled down the panties and stood there, Lynn said isn't his cock cute, thats not was she said when we got out of the cooled water. My balls were almost nonexistant, Trish had to feel for them and said something about how they disappeared.Small penis and balls humilation is one thing but when it is very true its much worse. All this is empowering Lynn even more and Trish is also getting into this with Charles.
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