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    The prisons are over crowded, so something else in needed...

    Now let's say the courts make the punishment fit the crime. The prisoners have to work off their sentences serving those they've wronged. Violent criminals are put to hard labor, Thieves may get service work, sex criminals, .... fill in the picture.

    Our hero gets falsely convicted of spousal rape by a vengeful ex-wife . Rapists are to be re-programmed. Taking use of their 'weapons' from them.


    Conditioning by Fred Norman

    (.... Whew! I'm back down. How can a nice looking girl do things like that? Okay. concentrate. Deep slow breaths. Settle down. Ummph. cramps. Let's see if I can move that knee a little. Ah. better.)

    "... Really it's conditioning and training, but we call this our teasing room. If you have time, always stop here and help us with our training. I find it gets me hotter for the real thing. It’s the hunger in their eyes.....

    (Oh. No. Not so soon. I need a some time....)

    "Prisoner! Meet the twins. They've just had their birthday, and can now use slaves."

    'Oh. You really have them... what's the term, tied down?

    "Yes, Heavy bondage is necessary, or they'll hurt themselves. So we use the metal stocks on wrists, neck to stop lunging, the waist belt and clamp to prevent thrusting, ankle stocks, and the knees are strapped out wide, so they can't work out the genital apparatus. Then everything is solidly attached to this beam. They can't move an inch. No slack anywhere."

    "What's that funny looking head thIng?"

    "The head harness is to track eye movements. It can't look away from the target spot or it'll get a shock right there. Just like in 'Clockwork Orange', it can't look away, or take a long blink. That red spot is the target. When you get on the platform the computer will track you and reset the spot to your pussy, or whatever."


    "HA, ha. Some get conditioned to, shall we say, other than pussy. It all depends on their crime, and their sentence. This one will get the full boat. Pussy, ass and urinal duty.

    "I see that you keep them shaved?"

    "Not actually. We spray them with a depilatory. After a few times, they permanently lose all hair. We let them keep their eyelashes. Most will lose finger and toe nails too. It keeps maintenance down."

    (It also burns like hell!)

    "Certainly sounds cleaner. Do they always drool like that?"

    Oh. That's just part of this treatment. We numb their vocal cords. The begging, pleading and screaming can get awful. It lasts about 4 hours. It sometimes makes swallowing difficult"

    (Tastes awful. They stick this long thing down your throat and spray stuff)

    "Open" (she tapped my jaw.) We remove the front teeth too, so they can't bite. "Present!"

    ( I slid my tongue out)

    "My GAWD!" the girls gasped in unison.

    "HAHAHA. We cut the frenulum and stretch the tongue . We also stretch the ass at the same time. This one is doing well. But then we've had more time. It thought it could appeal the sentence. Hmmm. Maybe another half inch?

    (Wha..? I can lick over the tip of my nose now!)

    "Why the ass?"

    Well, several things. it's part of the conditioning. First they learn that they are now the penetrated, not the penetrators. It de-couples their mind from associating the penis with sex. and instead begin to associate anal penetration as pleasure. It also increases their submissiveness. They learn to love it! A special treat. Of course the slave has to beg for it. Most Mistresses get off on it!

    "On to the working gear. It has a dual elecrode up the butt, and contacts just behind the scrotum. These not only excite the prostate, but numb the ejaculatory muscles.
    The front 'trode works the corona and frenum as well as drains away the cowpers fluid, what most people call pre-cum. That's that little tube insert. It's charged too. That's the punishment part. This bag is where the fluid goes, or we'd be up to our knees in slime."

    "And all this does what?"

    Well we're conditioning it to a complete sexual transference. We will disassociate the mind from thinking of sex with it's genitals and instead using its mouth or ass."

    (I'd noticed that one of the twins was very assertive, the other seemed shy and quiet. Bitch and Honey.)

    "Sounds cruel," Honey pouted.

    "Not at all, Dear. This is a convicted sex criminal. Nothing is too bad for it!" Still this is gentle compared to what they used up to a few years ago. Then it was all negative conditioning. Pain! Do this or else! Much nicer to have a slave want to be obedient. It will want to bury it's face in pussy. They get to that state naturally in 6 to 12 months. Here we cut that down to a few weeks.

    (Weeks? This is my fifth time here in three days and I'm going crazy! Weeks?)

    "You call him, 'It?"

    "Well you can hardly consider it a male. But the time we're done it will be an oral pleasure slave. It's penis will only have two purposes. Peeing and punishment. Pain there helps with the decoupling."

    (I shuddered. I've had some of that already, Like a cattle prod! Horrible!)

    "So you see? We keep them in a state of extreme sexual excitement, deny them the usual release, and substitute whatever we want. That becomes their new sexuality, and as it is non-orgasmic they are always needy. It becomes an addiction. Good slaves get their addiction fed. Here we teach them how to perform, then accelerate the addiction. So simple!

    "But how do you keep them from having a cum?"

    "AH! That's the good part. The butt plug and pads excite genitals but numb the ejaculatory muscles. So it is always feels like it is one or two seconds from a cum, but can't do anything. Besides it is milked daily during this training. Later we make sure by taking away the ability to have an erection."

    "How long, um, when did it last have a cum?"

    "It has been with us for several months now. That appeal thing, so not during that time."

    "Time for a tease. Here, I'll show You."

    (Pleeeease! She climbed onto the platform, She raised her skirt. The electronic stimulation increased. Naked, shaved pussy! NO! Pleeease! She started a slow rotary hip motion. Nice plump clit. I was panting in seconds, teetering on the edge of an orgasm, gasping for breath and drooling. Held on the brink of an orgasm that would never come.)

    "Ever want to be a stripper, girls? Watch his eyes, he can't look away. Com'n, Slave. Show me what you want to do!"

    (I started 'Air Tonguing, I couldn't help myself)

    (She used her hands to outline her pussy, then...PLEASE NO, played with her lips. I can't take....................)

    (Ummm... Coming down again. Breathe, Breathe, relax....)

    ".... so they get to that state quickly and easily. Watch the light bar on there. The computer monitors all it's vital signs; heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, it will tell you the excitement level. Right now this one is set to cut out at 90%.

    "Why not 100%?"

    "HAHAHHA, That will come later, when it gets to perform on real pussy."

    (Breathe, breathe... Settle down)

    "They actually go into an altered state. They pant, the eyes glaze over. Like a trance. Then we're working directly with the deep brain. There is a new head harness that we’re waiting to be approved. It works directly with the brain’s pleasure and pain centers. Then we won’t need all of this gear.

    "OK, its back with us. You try it. Now don't go past that bumper bar in front. That's how far that tongue will reach. Remember, Tease and Deny!

    (Here comes Bitch, unzips her skirt, and let's it fall A thong! She plays with it then pulls it a little aside. PLEASE! She slowly turns, drops the thong then bends over. Smiling at me through her legs, running her hands up and down her inner thighs, spreading her pussy. The elecronics are pumping me The pattern is always random.! PLEAAASSE, I WANT IT SO BAD........)

    (OK. Breathe, slow down. Deeep and slow)

    "... expensive and we're a private prison operating for profit. So the slaves pay for all their training."

    "How? They can't own anything, right?"

    "By their labor. We keep them and lease them out. They can't go to auction until all the bills are paid. Their sentence doesn't start until they are sold at public auction."

    "H... How long does that take."

    "Hard to say. Higher rated slaves make more. Gives them incentive to do well and get a good rating. Pay off their training sooner. Hmmm... I'd say usually around 18 months to 2 years.

    "Of course, if the new owner wants some special training, the slave pays for that too!"

    “special Training”?

    “Yes. Most common is serving couples during sex. Ever had your ass licked while you’re getting a good fuck? Of course clean up is manditory. Cream pie.”

    (both the twins squirmed)

    “Do they learn to do cock too?”

    “A slave will do anything for a taste of pussy..."

    (I shuddered.)

    "We rent out to clubs, spas, brothels, pleasure centers, even a few girl's schools. There's a regular rotation we put them through."

    "We find that this gives us time to find any problem areas, gives them On-The-Job-Training, and it deepens their addiction. We turn out a good product here. Our trainees can lick for hours, even on our special days, and in less than desirable areas.

    (Leased out? Like a rental car? To anybody and everybody? Shiver)

    "What about this one? What rating?"

    "It shows some talent. It has had Basic and Intermediate Oral. It likes pussy, or maybe it’s the humiliation. Perhaps a two or three star right out of the starting gate."

    "It licks it's pillow all night. Don't you,Slave!)

    (Burst of laughter from all of them)

    " HAHAHHAHA I've never seen a whole body blush before..... HAHAHAHAHAHAH "

    (I wish I could die!)

    Your turn. Lori.

    (Honey got up, stripped to her shoes. stood there spread. Hands on hips, smile on her face. The twins were different in another way.
    She was already puffed and dewy. She looked delicious. She moved to the bar. My vision filled with pink, puffy, wet pussy! The compelling fragrance! My tongue moved on its own. She just stood there as I watched her pussy open more. ....Shivering with the desire. Desire to taste, to lick... to feel her squirming on my tongue... The stimulation increased.. I need need... want...... anything... )

    "........... Of course! This is their sex act. The human body needs a sexual outlet. This is the only one allowed them. But never an orgasm. This keeps them always frustrated, and begging to serve. Slaves will do anything to get pussy. No matter how humiliating or degrading. I've heard of some that will beg for a flogging if there is a slight promise of pussy later.

    (Ummmph....breathe.... My shift has to be over. I can't go on)

    "Ah... Back again. Having a good time Slave?)

    (I just knelt there panting, trying to gather myself, to stop shivering)

    "Let me show you, girls. Slave, I'll give you a taste if you'll take a shock for me"

    (No. Please not that! This is one of their favorite games. She moved to my side. She slowly slide her finger in and out.
    It was slick with juice.)

    'Here, Slave. Nice fresh juice. Get it!"

    (I'd have to take my eyes off the target to get it. I can't do it! but.... maybe?)

    "Come on now. You know you want it. Get it!

    (Maybe if I'm fast... I jerked my head to her, and then back to target, but she snatched her finger back)

    "No! A nice slow lick. Now I want three shocks. One for each of us. I'll let you have it on the third . Let me freshen this for you. Hmm.. All wet and ready. Get it Slave!"

    (OOoooh. I did it. the first shock was bad. They are progressively stronger. The second made me cry. The third felt like it lifted me off the floor, but my mouth was on the finger. Licking, sucking, the fourth...I was back on target gasping. Tears running down, dripping off my chin.)

    "Well, Ladies, You see?

    Now let's go to the stalls on get some real tongue.

    (They started to walkout)

    "Oh. Here. Let me show you how to give demerits."

    "You're going to mark it down?"

    "Certainly! it was slow to obey. Always be free with demerits, keeps them on......"

    (Whew. Alone again. But a demerit for that? I'm close to a public whipping. Just one of two away now)

    (another client? Heavy thighs, very bushy. Older lady. Big lips.... Wha...
    NO! PLEASE! Not the dildoe tease..........)
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    ...oh my GOODNESS thsi is soooo BEAUTIFUL so WONDERFUL! so DREAMY
    oh what a WONEDRFUL word where Women can have such perfect conrtol of us pigs! Deserved or not, it woudl be so wonderful if most men were put to such training so we coudl serve a useful purpose of amusement! *sobbing, curtsey*
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