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Concerns about sleeping with cage

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Hut6000, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. I am new to using chastity device. I have been wearing a device for hours at different days and would now like to sleep with it. I am however concerned about getting hard during the night and make damage to the penis because blood and oxygen are getting cut off to the penis.
    Is it a risk to make permanent damage or would there always be enough flow so it just hurt bad but it wont get permanent damage?
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  2. U will be fine. If it's not too tight during the day, it will survive the night.

    It may not be comfortable, and you might wake up a few hours early with your body trying to get erect, but no damage.
  3. Thanks Nicoftime

    It is just that when I get hard during the day it hurts and the balls are getting really dark.
    The base ring should be big enough, I can get a finger under, and maybe even too big but thats a question for another time. But I am a grower and get quite hard so cage is pulled a lot and it looks like very little blod gets to the balls.
    But I am a worrier and have generel anxiety, so it might just be that.
  4. Also - have I done something wrong when creating topic since it dont show in new threads?
  5. Sleeping with your cage on is a big step. Nicoftime is giving you good advice. You will experience discomfort untill you get use to sleeping with it on than you will sleep normally. You need to understand what the difference is between discomfort and pain. If your ring is to small it will hurt but by what you say this shouldn't be a problem. It will take a few nights to get use to sleeping while locked so don't expect to sleep through the night the first or second night. Good Luck
  6. Mash2214 - also thanks

    Yes I feel it is a big step but I want to try it.
    I often wake 1-2 times at night atm so that dont scare me.
    Good point about discomfort and pain. I just think its hard to feel where the limit between discomfort and pain is. Also some pain is ok, I can just open the cage, I am still just trying it out before anything serious.
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  7. From wikipeadia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ischemia):
    Since oxygen is carried to tissues in the blood, insufficient blood supply causes tissue to become starved of oxygen. In the highly aerobic tissues of the heart and brain, irreversible damage to tissues can occur in as little as 3–4 minutes at body temperature. The kidneys are also quickly damaged by loss of blood flow (renal ischemia). Tissues with slower metabolic rates may undergo irreversible damage after 20 minutes.

    So even if the blood is cut off completely (which I guess it wont) it would take about 20 minutes or more to cause permanent damage. The penis would more than likely become flaccid again before that happens.
  8. Your junk wasn't made to stay still. In fact evolution has made several different adaptations that allow for movement to modulate temperature.

    Hindering that movement with something less than a custom made device will result in temporary discomfort, occasional painful pinches, and some dry skin on dry device friction that burns. This is going to happen.

    It won't damage anything, you already mentioned you are able to get a finger in the ring...that is number one real damage control. Nothing is going to lose oxygen supply etc.

    Now that I've said all that...you do have to keep an eye out on skin irritations. They can sneak up on you. At first it may feel like a little itch and no big deal, u take the device off and large red swelling or marks. Fine tune it with experience.
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  9. Hi, I have just experienced some of the skin irritation you have mentioned. Few red marks on the shaft skin. How do you deal with them? Shall I have a break from the cage?
  10. Ju
    I went for night in the cage on my first day wearing my cage. I was unaware of morning wood, well I was unaware of chastity Mansion :D at that time. It went well. I Woken up at 4am in burning pain and removed the cage as quickly as possible could, I had no idea what just happened at the time, but found all the answers from this amazing community. Now these days, I just get up to pee, put little bit of lube around the ring and happily go back to sleep. Most of the time it happens twice a night. Sometimes I'm looking forward to it. Sometimes it really irritates me. Life is fun. Good luck with your first night.
  11. I am of the thought that sometimes less is more...think big picture not one frame. Yes you could leave it in another week and tough it out, but if it develops a sore you will end up out of your device for a month.

    No device accelerates healing...take a short break and get back in when you can. My kh said it best..."I expect you to keep my things in pristine condition". I wouldn't be doing that if I let sores and rashes develop because I didn't want to inform her it needed to heal up for a few days. I once was locked for 5 weeks, and felt nothing wrong. When she let me out for some play time, instead of it feeling great...it felt like I was scratching an it...a rash was there without me even knowing it.

    So inspect and look after her things, keep her informed of its condition, and don't take advantage of her kindness and trust that she's letting u out for healing...don't cry wolf.

    Usually after a 3 or 4 week lockup, it's best I'm allowed a day or two of fresh air, and allow the skin to rebound. Makes it tougher to lock back up though :p
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  12. 3-4 weeks of lockup would be great, but I get the irritation just after 2-3 days. Not sure what could be behind it. I am still a newbie, so I believe it's the skin not being used to the tube just yet.
  13. What kind of device? Where is the irritation? How does the device fit compared to your flacid state?
  14. Genuine Holy Trainer v2.
    I was thinking if it's not due the dampness as I go swimming quite often and I'm also teased by txts from my KH which keeps me wet as well. :D or could it be too dry because of nocturnal erections?
  15. Others here are more familiar with that cage, I've only had steel. I have however read enough here to say that keeping them moisture free and properly lubed while still keeping clean is a challenge at best.

    It's basic design is closed. That and the tube rests directly on the sack which is constant skin on tube contact. Steel bars airs things out a bit more and less skin on device contact without breathing or for moisture to evaporate.

    They sell very modestly priced steel devices in a range of sizes now. Easy on the eyes and easy to keep clean.

    Or I would remove daily for cleaning and inspection. My two cents. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 has worn one for quite some time, he may have some answers for you.
  16. As previously said your body will become used to it, but to help the process, make sure you go to the toilet prior, its the filling bladder that will wake you up. The ball trap devices are notorious for trying to tear them away from your body and thats were the pain is. This is where a smaller cage comes in to prevent the attempted erection and off the shelf devices are a bit hit and miss for the correct fit.
    When you are committed to the lifestyle a stainless made to measure is the way to go and if you are really committed get a PA piercing and all these issues with ball trap devices will be behind you.
  17. Thanks @Nicoftime@Nicoftime, I have already asked Jasmic68 and waiting for his reply. My situation is a bit different. I would love to have the cage you currently have, but I'm on two flights every 14 days and while away from my KH I'm generally locked (10 days). So its plastic for another year or so.
  18. I hear "custom chastity" ghost model is very airport friendly with an open design. A lil spendy but nice. Good luck
  19. When we first started with the HTv2 I wore mine swimming but now my Wife unlocks me before we go. For some people long periods of lock up are key ( a ha ha) to all this chastity stuff but for others, like my Wife, making me think I might get some fun and locking me up again is more fun. Also it is a chance for my penis to rest and for her to tease erections out of me, not to mention a good clean is also possible.

    What you don't want is for the inside of the tube to remain wet for any length of time. This is a case of fantasy of doing things like swimming whilst locked is fun to experience, the reality is it is better to go unlocked.

    Nocturnal erections can cause issues if there is a pressure point or the device is rough where it is in contact with you. Your penis itself shouldn't get hard at all if the tube is doing its job. It is a bizarre sight, to see inside the tube a completely flaccid penis when the base of the device is being pushed away from your body and your balls are almost being pulled off by the force of a contained erection.
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  20. lots of good comment here. I personally get on best with steel devices. I need a smaller ring to prevent my balls wriggling free when I move about in the day. I still suffer disturbed sleep.

    my issue is with soreness and pinching in the scrotum under the ring. The skin forms folds which get pinched by pressure from nocturnal erections. Moisturising creams lubricate and help a little. There is no long term damage.
  21. Two quick tips for sleeping in a cage.

    1) Don't own a cage that allows growth. Your tip should be right at the end of the cage when completely flaccid (or as close as you can size it). I used to have painful erections during day and night which (nearly) went away when I stepped down the size. I actually enjoy the futile struggle against the cage now because it cannot get big enough to have leverage to push and be uncomfortable.

    2) If you wake up with a painfully contained erection in the early morning hours, you can ease the tension by simply urinating. A full bladder supports morning wood and emptying it helps things calm down.
  22. Based on personal experience:

    1. Keep your pubes trimmed, and put some silicon lube on the base of the balls before sleep. Not too much, just enough to allow the cage to move without friction.

    2. Make sure you can fit 1/2 fingers on the ball ring, otherwise it might be too right.

    3. The cage should have the exact length as the flaccid penis. But if you’re a grower you might need a little more room. Lengthwise your penis will growth regardless, what stops it is the resistance your ballsack gives, not the cage per se. So if you’re a heavy grower you might put too much pressure on your balls.

    4. If you’re wearing a plastic model, avoid sleeping facing down, these cages can split with too much pressure.

    Also VERY important to remember: your body doesn’t get erections throughout the night out of nowhere, they have a important maintenance function, see www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1et5NgT6bQ
    You can definitely get used to having them restricted, but you do not want to go too long without having one. Atrophy is a real thing.
  23. 2 years in chastity sleeping caged every night. No issues whatsoever.
  24. I agree. First few times I used the cage, I felt pain in the night and took the cage off. Now after 16 months, I occasionally get pain in the night, but it lasts a few minutes and disappears. I no longer remove the cage when that happens. I have noticed nothing causing the pain. I prefer the cage at night, I sleep better with it on. No erections to wake me up. But when I am out of the cage a few days, I do miss it and put it back on again at night. I use no lubrication on my cage and ring, but do wash with soap and water when I remove the cage for the day.

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