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Complicated start

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Jasmic68, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. Wow... very well played by Her! congratulations @Jasmic68@Jasmic68
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  2. The congratulations are all hers @Caged Wolf@Caged Wolf . I think a transition has occurred over the last few months where she now does this fully because she wants to, not because I want to. It makes me wonder what is going to happen next.
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  3. Two months two weeks and two days. I was so full even numbing spray didn't stop me having an orgasm.

    It is cold again in Germany so when I woke her up with a coffee we decided to fool around in bed rather than going for a swim. One thing led to another and my Wife told me to spray my penis with the numbing spray as she wanted to test it. It works, but not enough for her needs.

    It completely numbs my penis so if we use it again a cock ring of some description would be a good idea to help me stay hard. This time the excitement of what we was doing was enough but it would be bad if I was unable to perform. It was uniquely frustrating making love to my Wife but not being able to feel my penis inside her. The problem was that although I had numbed the head and shaft of my penis my abdomen and balls were still sensitive.

    There was enough stimulation that I was sure very quickly that I was going to cum and I did. The problem was that because I couldn't feel my penis I didn't know it was happening until it was too late. This meant I was completely unable to stop and calm down or give myself a ruined orgasm. She doesn't like using condoms though so I am not sure what we do next.

    I told my Wife that I thought I was going to cum and she told me not to worry, that she wanted me to.

    This was another incredible experience and another example of how assured she has become. I told her I had noticed a positive change in her over the last few weeks and she admitted that she feels more confident now. I don't expect any huge changes in how we approach my chastity but I do know that we are going to continue. She did say that this long period of denial had been done for me rather than for her, so I am not sure if I will go so long again, it's up to her.

    I asked whether she was happy with what we are doing as although she had started to do this for me there are two people in this relationship. She said that she was and that what we are doing is very much about the needs and desires of both of us, and that it is bringing us much closer. I couldn't believe those words came out of her mouth, they made me so happy.
  4. Hello jasmic.

    You are living the dream. I wish I knew how you guys do it! I think it has something to do with a woman liking to receive oral sex...sadly mine does not. I also think it depends on the sexuality spectrum and it is my opinion that my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder is left of center (bi-sexual being dead center) enough toward the lesbian spectrum that although she still has some attraction to men physically and sexually she is much happier with a more female biased pleasure and attraction.

    Anyway, that whole theory is very deep and would warrant blathering analysis in itself, so I digress. Have you crashed emotionally? Did you lock right back up? I am jealous...the one feeling a vaguely remember and miss greatly after my long term denial is being balls deep in my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder and feeling my scrotal sac against her warm labia and squeezing her tightly in my arms and pumping my load deep inside her.

    Oh well she is up and about after our morning cuddle so it is time to get up and remove my precum dampened overnight pantyhose and start my day.

    Carpe diem jasmic!

  5. I am amazingly lucky @allaboutHer@allaboutHer that my Wife absolutely revels in the oral pleasure I give her. I am well aware that not every woman enjoys being given oral sex though I cannot understand why they feel that way. My Wife knows how much I enjoy being allowed to pleasure her and relaxes into the experience, making it even more pleasurable for both of us.

    As for my emotional state post orgasm I am on a complete high. I am disappointed that my Wife didn't orgasm as well but she has let me give her one orally this afternoon. I have always been confused by the idea that a man loses interest in his partner post orgasm as I have never experienced this myself. This was my longest period of denial and I still haven't experienced a post orgasmic crash, so I doubt I ever will.

    My Wife wanted to test the theory as well so she took me upstairs this afternoon after my run and promptly made me collapse in the shower from the intensity of her attention. She basically kept stimulating my bottom, rubbing, sliding her finger in and out of me, stroking my balls, until my legs couldn't hold me up any more and I slid to the floor at her feet.

    After I had repaid her with another wonderful orally produced orgasm she put her pajamas on to go downstairs. She slid a finger up my leg and poked my balls. I had an immediate and pronounced reaction which she loved.

    She locked me up again before I went to bed last night and refused to discuss how long a term of denial I am in for this time. I don't think it will be as long this time as she does enjoy penetrative sex with me, though she is sated from all the other attention she gets for weeks at a time.

    I feel like I have been properly initiated into the chastity lifestyle now. Obviously many go for much longer between orgasms and some become permanently chaste, but I think my own experience now makes me a bit more than a beginner.
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  6. Ok, who's been talking to my Wife!? She has suddenly got really good at this. I mean, like, somehow in the last few days she has taken a quantum leap forward in what she is doing and how much she is enjoying it. I am a little bit scared by how much she has moved forwards in the last few days let alone the last few weeks.

    The evidence.

    First up is the fact that without telling me she was going to do it she denied me for 2.5 months, made me think I was going to cum on my birthday but denied me again then. The next day she made me use delay spray and let me make love to her. She wasn't upset that I had an orgasm even though I couldn't feel my penis at all, but has stated that we will have to try something else instead next time.

    Before this long term of denial she talked about how she felt guilty not letting me cum and missed penetrative sex. She still likes it but in that term of denial she had at least 20 orgasms and has been getting better at joining in with me while I am orally stimulating her. She moves around more, presses up against me, arches her back and generally does more than allow me to do it myself. The orgasms she has been having have got stronger as a result.

    In the afternoon on Sunday,mas an experiment, she stimulated me in the shower until I collapsed. Her reasoning was she wanted to measure how responsive I was after an orgasm. She was very happy with how I was still super responsive. Her thinking now is that because I had a numb penis even though the orgasm I had felt amazing it didn't drain me completely.

    This brings me to today. It was a public holiday in Germany today so she worked from home. All her German colleagues had the day off so there was no point going in. It was lovely having her at home and we managed to spend some time together. I got several jobs done such as putting pictures up and moving stuff that we don't need up into the attic. After we had done some German exercises she caressed my back, pushed her hand into my jeans and rubbed my bottom and kissed my ears. Then she stood up, saw the mess I was in and announced she was going downstairs for a cup of tea! As she left she laughed at the look of despair on my face!

    Now we have gone to bed (I am in my own room, unable to relax!) and the teasing continued, ramped up several levels. First off she immediately got naked. I was sat on the loo having a pee, as you do wearing a HTv2. She walked up to me and thrust her breasts into my face!!! She has never, and I mean never done that in all the time we have been together. Not at any time, let alone when I was on the loo. The look of shock on my face immediately had her in more fits of giggles.

    I was told to leave the bathroom and shut the door, while she stayed in to get ready for bed. I distinctly heard her running water and washing herself. And by that I mean her pussy and bottom. My excitement levels shot through the roof! The fact she had washed was confirmed when she slid into bed and wrapped her still slightly damp legs around mine. She pressed herself right up against me and basically made my brain melt. She kissed me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth, pressing her leg up against my device and squashing my attempted erecting up against her.

    Then she refused to let me lick her! She made me think I was going to be able to, she got me to the point of begging to be allowed to lick her, then I was packed off to my own room. I have a ridiculous amount of pre cum oozing down my leg and my pulse is racing. She was absolutely loving it. I've been told that if I am a good boy all week my reward will be to be allowed to lick her at the weekend!

    What is going on!? I am telling you this is different. She is different. Yes, be careful what you wish for, yadda yadda, this is exactly what I want. But I was sort of expecting to take several more months to get to this point, if at all. The way she has started enjoying herself has developed ridiculously fast. Something obviously clicked during this long term of denial, something made sense to her in a completely new way.

    Oh my. My insides are fizzing.
  7. I hate typing in his blasted iPad. I cannot imagine how people manage to do this with a phone.

    One problem is the auto correct feature is totally hit and miss. In the third from the end paragraph I have managed to write erecting instead of erection. This is because Apple have not included any 'rude' words in its dictionary. Test it out, try and misspell something like penis and you will get one is, clitoris is cl stories and so on. Ciltoris gives you a no replacements found message. Oh, really Apple? So the word clitoris doesn't exist?

    Another problem is hitting m instead of the space bar, and this not being autocorrected. This happened early in the post where I wrote "in the afternoon on Sunday,mas an experiment." That is obviously supposed to be "as an experiment" but it wasn't corrected.

    I always proof read my posts before submitting them but last night I was really worked up, so missed those two.
  8. Ahhhh. She thickens the silken cocoon...movement is becoming less and less possible, her bites will gradually cease in frequency but the venom will be stronger and more paralyzing. You may be hearing the delivery truck pulling up soon to drop off the newly completed display case in which you will be stored along with a powerful new vibrator for her pleasure to render you a redundancy except for the massages you give and the chores you mindlessly do in the intoxicated haze of her venom....it's coming.

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  9. If I could watch her have an orgasm with a vibrator I would gladly buy it for her. That is how deep into her trap I have fallen!
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  10. ...oh, one other thing jasmic-- if the she spider cuts a tiny slit in your cocoon and inserts an anal plug ( which was delivered with her vibrator) inside you in agonizingly slow fashion and reseals your prison as she dreamily whispers, 'Give this a try.' BEWARE. Between her virulent venom and the indescriable pleasurable sensations of a thick plug teasing your throbbing prostate you will be beyond resistance and find yourself infatuated with your plug and associate it as a form of the sexy she-spiders pleasure...you should be more careful my friend...;)

  11. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 , sweetie!! I'm so happy for you!! It seems like the journey and patience is worth. Reading your posts gives me hope that my wife will get to this point as well. As I told you, my wife seems to be very similar to yours. She is already interested in chastity, I'm putting some info together for her at the moment.

    The denial at your birthday was great!! OMG!! It's obvious she is starting to get the idea of this works. You were almost sure she was going to let you cum on your birthday, and then that didn't happen. THAT is what I'm explaining my wife at the moment. The unpredictability of the game is what makes it specially exciting. I said, if we leave her libido take control, we will have exactly that. A complete unpredictable sex game. Months of nothing, then several days of intense game, then probably again nothing.
    I'm very happy for you!! Congrats!! Hugs also to your lovely wife!!
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  12. I will keep my fingers crossed for you @KatyTwilight@KatyTwilight , it was one of the most awesome, erotic experiences of my life. Your Wife needs to get a sense of the power and fun she can have with you and then hopefully it will all click into place. My head is in a spin right now! Just when I thought everything was calming down it all accelerates again.
  13. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 I'm very optimistic. I'm not pushing my wife. She already confirmed a couple of times that she finds it interesting and I'm putting info together for her. I prefer to be careful and make a good selection of information, even if it takes longer, rather than rushing into it and the messing up. I'm optimistic. I'm very happy she is suddenly accelerating. Now you're probably wondering how far she is now... maybe she is already exchanging some infos with people on the forum and you don't know about it. Anyway, I'm very happy it's working for you both. Lots of hugs and kisses for you!!!:):):)
  14. I have just written about how I am changing sexually in this post

    Rewiring sexuality. Moving from cock to anal centered sexuality

    It details how my Wife is basically stimulating my bottom so much that I now crave that sort of sexual experience far more than I want anything that involves penile stimulation. The feelings that led me to write the post came to a head last night, when my Wife yet again stimulated my bottom while we shared a shower, and she kept doing it until I collapsed at her feet. The fact that she did it on purpose, and kept doing it until I collapsed is one of the indicators of how she has changed since we started exploring male chastity.

    There is another thing that happened last night that also demonstrates this change in my Wife.

    After our shower we lay on her bed and did our German language exercises. I made no sexual advances towards my Wife as she had stated last weekend that I had to be a good boy all week and my reward would be to be allowed to lick her at the weekend. Last night was still only Thursday, so I was desperate not to ruin anything so I could receive the reward. I was therefore really pleased when she asked (not ordered) that I give her a massage.

    I am getting pretty good at massages, or at least she responds very favourably to them. As always the sight of her bottom starts getting to me the closer I get to it, but again I did not want to ruin my chances by going too far. I was really pleased when my Wife told me she actively wanted me to go further. I kneeled on the floor leaning forward so that I could have good access and started kissing the back of her legs and the top of her thighs.

    Before long I was lapping away at her bottom and able to give her some really good feelings. I could tell by the noises she was making that she was really enjoying what I was doing.

    In the past she would have laid and accepted my attention. She would have enjoyed it but her involvement would have been fairly minimal. That isn't a criticism, just an observation. She always enjoyed my oral attentions but pretty much let me get on with it. Not last night. All of a sudden she knelt up and thrust her bottom into my face. This also gave me unparalleled access to her pussy. I was able to lick her pussy, push my lower lip hard up against her clit and really slide my tongue hard up against and around her anus. She absolutely loved that!

    Several minutes of this had me floating in a complete daze, unable to really get a grip of what was happening, this was incredible. Then she pulled away, turned over to lay on her back, and slid forward so her buttocks were only just on the bed. She put her legs over my shoulders then raised them up. Oh, oh oh oh. My brain had a firework moment, the access I now had to her pussy was insane! I have never managed to get my tongue in so deep or be able to lock so much of her. I spread her lips apart as much as I could and it took moments for her to orgasm.

    I was trembling with the feelings coursing through me. Everything that had happened in the shower, now this. What is happening to me? All I know is that I want this more, these feelings are becoming so intense.
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  15. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68
    I understand the feeling or losing yourself while serving Mistress. We are not into the anal play, and i do not shower with Mistress Wolf anymore, but the rest of your experience sounds very familiar. Kneeling on the floor while serving Mistress orally is one of the most pleasurable things i get to enjoy, the whole range of stimulus sight, smell, taste, feel, and the energy Mistress is sharing, while using Her hands and Her legs to move and position me as She desires.

    I have also shared the feeling of being lost in a daze, only knowing that i needed to continue... Going on until Mistress Wolf pushes my head away, and even then i will often ask or attempt to restart after a minute or two. It does seem that when She allows the second session the O is bigger and better, and usually ends with Her being finished and i being denied, which i love!
  16. My Wife is a one orgasm woman. We have attempted to go again but not successfully. She finds that she is too sensitive for several hours after an orgasm. The strange thing is it takes her a good day or so before she is then ready for another orgasm. I swear she is the male in this relationship. So many ways!

    As for anal play, it is a totally new experience for me. I never really got interested in all the femdom pegging posts before, but I am now beginning to wonder if there is more to it than I realized.
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  17. Mistress Wolf is definitely NOT a one O Woman! There have been nights with double digit counts on Her side, to my one... Love to see how many i can give Her, and watch Her build up in intensity through each one!
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  18. I wish my Wife was built that way @Caged Wolf@Caged Wolf but she just isn't. We have tried, believe me! Tonight I got to pleasure her again, 24 hours after her previous orgasm, and I had to work to get her there. It is just the way she is. I am hoping to have another chance tomorrow, the third time in our relationship she will have had orgasms on three consecutive days, all while I have been locked in a chastity device.
  19. One other thing of note happened this evening.

    I have decided to run a half marathon next year, so I have started running properly again. Tonight I ran just over 9km so I got the chance to have another shower with my Wife. Afterwards we were lying on her bed doing our German exercises. All of a sudden, while I was having my turn, my Wife rolled into her back and started caressing her breasts. I was staring at her, totally absorbed, German forgotten. Then she slid a hand between her legs and announced that she was going to play with herself.

    My brain melted.

    For some this might not be much but it was so out of character for her. She almost never masturbates and has never done so in front of me. She didn't do it for long but she loved the effect it had on me. I could hardly string a sentence together in English, let alone German!
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  20. "I swear she is the male in this relationship. So many ways! "
    Hello jasmic.
    I read this above and nodded yet again at another similar thought we share. My Wife/Mistress/Keyholder has been the type to have her one orgasm and roll over and fall asleep snoring. The only time she has multiple orgasms in one session is when she is using her vibrator and enjoying the collection of female-centric and femdom "porn" (for lack of better words) which I have put together for her. It includes an eclectic collection of downloaded images I have chosen from various types of kink we practice or fantasize about, steamy photos of amazing women from women's fitness and health mags, a few VS & Fredericks catalogs, a few swimsuit catalogs. She also has extended session while watching one of her "chick shows" when she has the opportunity. She has told me she would blow off an entire afternoon masturbating back in our pre-children days on occasion. Anyway, yeah, she is the more strong, silent type like a guy. Doesnt like to talk about feelings or emotions. She is happy to have me in my pantyhose and nightshirts as many nights as possible, she initiates "sex" (although she expects me to show desire for her but not initiate), she has always preferred being on top, she hates to admit it but she does like to control mostly everything about our relationship. She has even embraced the new short hairdo I suggested which looks very soft, longish and feminine from the front and is shaved and honestly very male looking from the back...a definite yin-yang cut...makes me wonder about myself liking to kiss the back of her neck and bury my nose in the short stubby hair above. Oh, this is all soooo confusing...the gender bending, the role switching, the androgyny...as stomach turning as it can be the ride is too thrilling to get off of.

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  21. OH, and it was she who encouraged me to shave my torso and groin area YEARS ago...and I am now expected to keep it that way...and I am the one now who craves penetration (plugs/dildos) and not her; we actually talked last night and she said she is perfectly happy without it and asked me if I was OK with that and said she hoped I was and that she hoped I was used to it....yikes...a be careful what you wish for moment yet again.

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  22. Reading your responses is getting increasingly difficult, I swell up in my Holy Trainer every time? Maybe because your experiences and my own curve into chastity match so closely I wonder where I am going to end up!
  23. @allaboutHer@allaboutHer @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 all the things you tell about your wives sound very familiar to me. My wife is very similar. Although she doesn't like to recognize it, she is a control freak. And at the end she is the one having the final word about most decisions. We are a good team and enjoy making decisions together with success, almost never fight. But in many situations I feel her "dominance". I'm not as far as you guys in this process of chastity, just getting started. But I wonder how much she will enjoy controlling our sexuality as well.

    @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 you are so lucky!! Your wife seems to be taking over and starting to feel comfortable in her role. The situation you described with her masturbating in front of you... it would met my brain, my body, my everything.
    Where will you end up? Maybe there is no "end" to this journey. A continuous development maybe... who knows... one thing is sure. You gave up control already. It's probably less and less up to you to decide where you will end up, don't you think?
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  24. Hello Katy.
    We rarely fight either. I THINK I hope there is no end and continuous development...I need to be careful what I wish for.

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  25. I am still trying to process what happened this evening. My emotions are on a downward trajectory and I am struggling to make sense of my feelings.

    Last night my Wife let me pleasure her to another orgasm, a third night in a row and the third time in our relationship that has happened. Tonight I was amazed that she again instigated proceedings that should have seen us achieve a fourth night in a row, the first time that would have ever happened. It didn't happen though, and it is the way it happened that has left me reeling.

    My Wife told me she was going to have a shower and wash her hair and invited me to join her. As we walked up he stairs the fact that the fourth night was in the cards was foremost in my thoughts. I think this was the catalyst for what happened.

    I basically lost myself. Even as I put some shower gel in my hands to wash my Wife I was aroused more than normally. With each caress I fell deeper into a haze of arousal beyond anything I have ever experienced. Then my Wife cleaned me and my brain gave up trying to think coherently. I was a mess. My legs were trembling and my thoughts fragmented. I couldn't speak and could hardly stand.

    After I had dried myself I walked into my Wife's bedroom and saw her, naked on her bed, lying on her front. I immediately started kissing her back and sides, and she responded positively. I melted. I had been expecting her to tell me to stop but she didn't. And I became lost in what was happening. I was whimpering, just unable to cope with my own sensations.

    I am not going to go into detail as to what happened as it is close to pornographic as I have ever got. I wasn't the gentle and measured man that I am usually. My Wife enjoyed some of the attention but I failed to bring her to an orgasm , I just didn't read the signals like I usually do. In the end she pushed me away, too sore to continue.

    The crash I suffered as I realised what had happened was intense. Both of us were shocked with what had happened. My Wife was unable to talk for a good while, her own feelings and emotions too fragile. I was scared that I had ruined everything good we had built up over recent weeks but luckily my Wife has been wonderful and has talked me down from that feeling.

    My only thought is I must have been high on endorphins or adrenaline, my reaction afterwards a crash as a result of it being used up. It was horrible.

    The problem is this part of me was uncontrolled. I wish she had told me to stop as part of a denial scenario, I am fairly sure I would have followed her order as the fantasy of that control is very powerful. But I am not completely sure I would have been able to control myself, and that scares me. It means I cannot let go of myself completely ever again, part of me is always going to have to be kept in reserve. It means my Wife is now worried that it was her fault, though I have assured her it most definitely wasn't. This entire episode is completely down to me.

    This chastity lifestyle we are living isn't a game anymore, we live it 24/7 and we treat it seriously. It isn't a game but it is fun. This experience wasn't fun.
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