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Completed! Our St. Andrew's Cross!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. So, in his thread titled "Kicking off My Longest Lockup Yet" @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet posted that we were building a St. Andrews Cross. It took some time, but it was finally completed last night! He did most of the "man" work - measuring, sawing, screws, etc. I helped with filling in the holes with wood putty, and we both did rough and fine sanding. I taped and painted it and he installed the hardware. You can't tell from the pics, but it is hinged in the middle for easy storage. Excited to use it for the first time!

    IMG_7497.JPG IMG_7498.JPG IMG_7499.JPG IMG_7500.JPG
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  2. Wowsa! Have fuuuun ;)
  3. Thanks! Planning on it;)
  4. Looks fantastic, who will be doing most of the screwing from now on.
  5. Fun times ahead, love the nutsack trap :p

    Enjoy !
  6. Well done, very nice!
  7. Very nice.
    Hinged for foldability if I remember correctly.

    Can you share pics of that part if you don't mind?
    Plan on bolting to a wall for stability?

  8. That is a thing of beauty...and fear. Beauty and fear.
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  9. My panties are wet just looking at it wow!
  10. The ball attachment is scary! Nicely done guys!
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  11. Yes, we hinged it so we can store it under the bed when not in use. Just three standard gate hinges.

  12. Tha
    Thanks! We have yet to try it out...I'm thinking very soon though;)
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  13. Oops, sorry forgot to add: Yes, we just bought some eye hooks and gate hooks today to secure it to the wall. The cross is almost 8 feet tall so wouldn't want to have any accidents if @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet bends too much.
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  14. Nice work, I can see you are going to have a lot of fun with that , well done
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  15. Congrats
    It looks beautiful
    I hope it serves you well for many years
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  16. Awesome!
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  17. That's awesome! I like the folding idea! I'm hoping to make something similar when we extend our bedroom...
  18. We finally tried it out tonight! Complete with "ball holder". It was very fun (for me), and @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet could barely move an inch! He will deny it, but he was hard in his cage the whole time!

    IMG_7614.JPG IMG_7613.JPG
  19. Wel done! Any chance you would share the blue prints for that? I would love to have my boy make one for him ;)
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  20. Hi! We do not have blueprints. We just did it from scratch out of our heads.
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  21. If we were to make another one, it wouldn't be as tall. This was a first attempt.
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  22. Ok, for the ones who are not quite as astute in the wood working department then...... any basic info on how i can have him build one for us then?
  23. I can see how it's a bit too tall and how you used rope to extend his wrist restraints but it looks awesome. I especially like how the ball restrainer holds his ass out firm! Scary concept. Well done! Thanks for sharing with us yet again :)
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  24. That is just ..... well, words fail me.

    Which doesn't happen much!
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