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Discussion in 'Difficulties with wearing a device?' started by electronicwubwubs, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Hi everyone,

    I apologize if this question is overly common or uninformed - I am quite new to chastity and have been experimenting over the past couple of months with multiple ball trap devices, and there is one common problem that I am experiencing with all of them.

    After experimenting, I've found that the only ring size that properly fits me are those that are 2" or slightly larger. It should also be noted that I am, as many people describe, an extreme "grower, not shower".

    I've found that, when flaccid, I can easily put on and wear devices with rings that are at least 2". I can't go much smaller at all, and the next "standard size down" for pretty much all form-factor devices is too small. But 2" and slightly larger is a very comfortable fit (for most devices - I have one in which the ring leaves welts, but that seems to be the design of the ring). The problem, however, is that, if I begin to become erect in my cage, then and only then do my balls and penis seem to begin to change color - they begin to become purple-ish. This is most likely due to my balls swelling as a result of the erection. It's not particularly painful, and the pressure even feels quite pleasant. I can't help but become worried, however, at this color change - it leads me to think, of course, that circulation is being cut off which is not good. If the erection goes away, so too does the discoloration, but if I become erect again, the cycle starts anew.

    If I go any larger on the ring, however, not only does this pose an expense problem as I am using the largest "standard size" ring available and, therefore, would need to have custom rings made, but it would also make it easy to escape the device when flaccid.

    I was wondering if anyone else had experience on this particular problem, and/or any advise on how worried I should be regarding this or how I should approach it?

    Thank you very much for your time!
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