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Collar of Shame

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Bound4life, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. In the correct sizing it would seem a cone could make for a highly humiliating temporary chastity device?
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  2. Indeed, ensure hands can't reach and add a little Deep Heat!
  3. As far as the cone goes, if using such a large one as I saw earlier, the idea of laying something light weight across the top and filling it with special smokey treats cums to mind, assuming you like that, or not .lol... If you make the collar so it doesn't leak much, your Miss could always fill it with her golden nectar, and she could invite a few friends as well if needed.. That could prove interesting, if she demands that kind of thing. lol.... That is a special fetish for sure.
  4. Or even:
    Which is a calf-feeding bottle, combining the two.

    It demonstrates in a humiliating way that if whoever they accept as the Master, whichever gender they are, requires them to suck a cock, or drink a male Master's piss from source, they are in no position to refuse or resist.

    A useful stage in the process of training them to provide such oral service.

    Even if you use it to have them drink clean water or milk.

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  5. Pics would be humiliating
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  6. How about you go to the Vet's office and have your toenails trimmed
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