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Collar of Shame

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Bound4life, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. I have seen some posts on Tumblr where people are forced to wear those dog "cone so shame" things. I bought one a while ago and will be wearing it for 24 hours this week. Any ideas on what I can do to humiliate myself while wearing it? I plan to shower, eat, and sleep in it but what would make it more humiliating? What are any other humiliating tasks you can think of that will include the cone.
  2. Are you a self coner?
    Perhaps you should call a taxi and have him drop you on the other side of town?.
    Oh, actually If you find that you can't manage to use your mobile phone at all while wearing it then do let me know and I will buy one for my boyfriend.
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  3. Just don't luxuriate by looking up into the shower for too long - we wouldn't want the cone filling up with water and ........

    Hmm that could be something you should try though? See if it fills up at all.
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  4. Does your boyfriend talk on the phone too much? If you are having auntie flow visit one of these might keep his mouth away from you.

    But I am not into public play, just wish my wife was kinky so I am just solo play most of the time including this time
  5. As in can't talk with it or can't even see it? Either way, I think you'd be after one that was relatively high and narrow to reduce field of vision and make it more difficult to reach over and hold it near the ear...
  6. It's the fiddling with it I would wish to reduce rather than the calls.
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  7. So you'd probably want something taller (at least at the front) so he can't see over it and look at the phone.

    Or possibly a belt with wrist cuffs chained to it so he can't lift his hands high enough :p
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  8. The "Elizabethan collars" on people is one of the heart pounding sexiest thing I can think of. I have seen is several pictures of this treatment over the years, but I have never seen a website or concentration of this. Do any members know of resources? I know my wife would be happy to demand I wear one periodically.
    Thx. Ss
  9. I never hear of them thingys. Am they like what dogs has to wear to stop them scratching after they been hurt.
  10. That's right Jem, like a sort of plastic bucket with a dogs head sticking up through the bottom.
  11. its a good idea if you wants to get thin. :)
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  12. Hiya
    I bet 24 hours will be more than enough especially the first time and if you don't take it off for a second.
    Going to see what I can find out must be a few people in the world interested in this .

    Xx Wendy
  13. But if you go out in the rain, you could drown! Or the weight of the water would make you bend over; talk about 'relieving' yourself! :p
  14. Drainage holes!
  15. Thanks guys I have put it on short term to try it just now and it seemed ok. I plan to sleep in it, straight jacket, and diapers tonight.

    Regarding the shower/rain. There are several holes on it that allow for different size necks of the dogs. So when I try and wear it for the full day I will tape up the holes to try and make it so it will fill up with water although a lot will probably leak out from the neck anyway.
  16. I have been thinking of this extensively for the past few days. I don't know why, but it intrigues me to the point of being a real fetish. I can imagine making one with the perfect soft vinyl material. It might be a marketable item; particularly if it is incorporated into a buckling collar.
    Should I use etsy or Ebay or another web based sales outlet?
  17. Saloon slave: I do not know where there is a concentration of things like this just individual pictures. But I am glad that you now have a new fetish to keep you occupied. I don't know where you should market it or anything but if you come across good pictures or anything then feel free to share them.
  18. I sure will.
    I cannot help but wonder if it is ok to have the Collar of Shame as a topic. It is sort of a head chastity belt, but mmore of a bondage item.
    Is there a line about topics?
    Salon slave
  19. Dear @Bound4life@Bound4life if it rain then have a umbrella like me. then it wont fill up with water. i got a lovely pinky one with little black bits.
  20. So things got busy and I did not have a chance for anything more than a few hours, but here is what I found.

    I purposely taped up all the holes (used for different sized dogs) so that it would fill up with water while I showered. There was still a lot of leaking but if I did not move much it would fill up and cover my nose and mouth. Shampooing was difficult to reach in and touch my hair. Aside from that I had to rinse off and then bend over to let the "dirty/soapy" water out and do that several times to try and be sure it was clean. Washing the rest of my body was a little tough as well because I could not really see well between the water filling up, splashing me in the eye, and the steam obscuring the view while looking through the plastic. Then drying off my head/hair was a challenge once again beause reaching in is difficult as the cone is so tall.

    After that I decided to try and snack. First I just wanted some pomegranate seeds so I tried to just drop them into my mouth. I ended up missing about 90% of them and they just collected around my neck. So I just took a few handfulls and threw them into my cone. The I got on my hands and knees like a dog (that is the whole idea anyway) and was able to eat them with some humiliation and difficulty. I found that erotic so I went and bound up my legs into a frog tie and put on some bondage mittens.

    For my next snack I decided to just put peanut butter into my cone and stick it to the plastic in front of my face. Now that I have no hands and am stuck on my knees I found trying to lick this peanut butter up very erotic as well. As I licked the peanut butter would also slide up the cone getting out of my reach. So I had to really struggle to get it and wound up with peanut butter all over my face and nose.

    So if my wife was into it, or if any of you have subs that you want to humiliate I think this is a great idea especially if you like puppy play as much as I do. Just think about when they need to be fed you just throw a couple of handfuls of food into the cone and let them figure the rest out. The peanut butter is a great way to keep them busy and give the tongue a workout. If my wife wanted to tease and play with me like this I think it would be great but I know that will not happen. So if any of you end up playing with one please report back.

    I will say that I don't know of a good way to take care of drinking liquid unless you have them drink from a long tube like they would a straw. Or if you keep them in a cage a hamster feeder type might work?

    Play safe, have fun, and share your experience with us
  21. oooh giggle. your face must get awful messy after you had something to eat.
  22. Magnifica idea, es de lo mas humillante y excitante.
  23. After reading this now it seems it would be fun to do again, I don't think it will be anytime soon though as money is tight. Did anyone else ever play with one?