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COCKLOCKED...a different way.

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by lockankeyed, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. I got home last Friday about 2pm, checked the mail, did the dishes, lets see, started the laundry, @#$%$#$#@!! forgot to pull some weeds around her aloe plants in the front yard. I told her I'd do it Saturday, she called that talking back. She LOOKS for something I didn't do and she found it.
    I was naked of course naked, she gave me 4 bottles of water to drink, I already had to pee but she said NO! She put the drain stopper in so she could tell if I peed before she got home!! She told me she was going to the store, She calls me on my phone to tease me but I don't know when she's coming home. My hands were tied behind me. She asked me if she can bring a girlfriend over!! I can't answer her, maybe she was bluffing I don't know. Anyway she didn't bring anyone home but she got home about 6pm and walked around naked for a couple hours teasing me, WIN_20170403_17_11_19_Pro.jpg then laid in the bed where I could see her and played with her vibrator a while. She left me chained until almost 9.
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  2. At least she let you stand in the shower naked. My wife used to leave me on my bed. We have separate bedrooms. My bed has a plastic mattress cover but the sheets are cotton. Plus I was fully dressed. Peeing in your clothes is half the fun. I used to dominate women by having them pee fully dressed in my shower. Sometimes in very pretty party dresses. More fun than being naked. :)