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Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Simon Sheffield UK, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I have always fantasied about this - plus it could help me with longer term chastity with reduced foreskin issues... any thoughts?
  2. i was done when i was a baby.
  3. From one of my girls who had it done as an adult, at the request of his then Mistress, (who was Jewish). "Don't even think about it!"
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  4. Ah! a local guy......i wouldnt do it I've heard its really painful
  5. Had it done as an adult. Went to see my rather inept doctor and told her it was too tight and was giving me issues. Just as expected she never even looked at it she just referred me to the hospital and I got it done.

    It has since proved to be one of many better ideas. Whilst at that time here in the UK they were not unheard of circumcised penises were not in abundance and it became a source of interest. :) and a definite improvement to my sex lifwe for both my partners and myself.

    I can't imagine having had my PA if I still had that useless piece of skin hanging around nor would I ever have considered wearing a CD whilst uncircumcised.

    It healed in no time, contrary to what people said it would, and I can not recommend having it done highly enough.
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  6. Are you in Portugal too? Great, isn't it!
  7. I was circumcised at 25 due to my foreskin drying out, cracking and bleeding. Plus most American girls had never seen or knew about uncircumcised penises back in my day. I always had to explain it to them. Butt of jokes in shower too by my football mates and Army chums. So I jumped at the chance to have it done for free under my medical insurance since the Doc said it was a surgical necessity. My wife and I were also into BDSM and it was something she wanted me to do as a permanent mark/brand.

    The surgeon botched the job. He said I kept getting erect despite using ice to try to get me flaccid. Now they give you female hormones to prevent that, but I do not know if the surgeon was just inept of they did not use hormones back then. As a result I look circumcised when flaccid but uncircumcised when erect. All in all it was painful to recover but no more foreskin problems. Everyone still sees an uncircumcised penis unless I am erect so I got nothing out of it.
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  8. If I lost my foreskin I'm not sure how much willy i'd have left....eeeek!!

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  9. Maybe without a foreskin holding it in, it would spring out several inches (like a jack-in-the-box).

    No way to know, really, without trying…

  10. I had it done when I was 41. That's 2 years ago. Having foreskin was not that bad, but it gave me issues when wearing longterm. Circumsized will be better. The feeling when having sex is different too. It is something getting used to ;-)
  11. Has anyone had it done that had to pay out if their pocket? I hear it is expensive. I am so keen to get it done. But not willing to spend my life savings on it (yet haha)
  12. there was a man on here who got it done very very tight but i has forgot his name now. he went 2 times i think.
  13. Never had it. Sometimes wish I did.
  14. I had it done at age 33 and am so glad that I did!
  15. I have been toying with the idea but it seems a big leap .....
  16. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and only knew one other kid besides my brothers who wasn't circumcised and he got circumcised at 10. I always felt different and would try to keep it retracted whenever exposed. When our son was 2 he had problems of it not retracting causing problems (infection to where it was inflamed and would bleed) doctors tried stretching, had us work with it he would scream when working with it and when he peed. Finally after several doctors and us had tried for over 6 months the doctors decided enough and scheduled him for surgery. My wife and I decided for myself to get circumcised the same morning and I have enjoyed it every since.
    PS: Both were paid by insurance besides the deductible.
  17. I think its more likely the surgeon bothched the explanation of waht to excpect. Back then when circumcising adults I believe it was normal procedure to to leave something of the foreskin. The purpose of the operation to alleviate or prevent the poblems you were previously facing would be achieved inflicting the minimum amount of 'damage' in the process so as to greatly reduce the liklihood and amount of potetial law suits if the totally fucked up.

    I recall being told once.. Different surgeons in different parts of the world less litigatious than the USA like here in the UK tended to remove more of the foreskin but not as much as would be traditionally taken from a newborn, the surgeons depth of experience may have also been a factor. Consequently different amounts of foreskin get left in place which allows differeng amounts of the glans to be exposed on the flaccid penis whilst giving the impression there is little or no forskin there when fully erect.

    How much truth there is in all that I dont know but it seems reasonable feasible.