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circumcision for chastity device comfort

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by missfoxxsjr, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. I am uncircumcised sub (see pic) in permanent chastity and was wondering if anyone has a view on whether " the cut' might be an appropriate next move for me? I am in a perfect and comfortable device for my size ie I am a very small 1.5 inches flaccid and fit perfectly into cage of just 30 mm (1.18 inches) in length. This gives me absolutely no room for an erection, which please greatly my Mistress (and me) -its amazing how one's body adjusts to the restriction.
    My foreskin is of the loose variety so I find it most comfortable to pullit back before fitting (see pic). However the only discomfort i experience is regular pinching of the foreskin.
    As i am permanently chaste and will never experience penetrative sex again, (I am a happy cuckold) I'm thinking it might be a good idea to undergo circumcision to alleviate the annoying pinching of the foreskin.
    Has anybody out there got through this process and what were the results? Do people think this is a good idea?
    BTW this is an amazing site, thank you - wish i had discovered it ages ago!

    DIu9V0hW4AEDspU.jpg DKAsy4SWsAYd0yL.jpg
  2. Whatever makes you happy go for it. I reply as I'm in the same boat, I've had difficulty with my foreskin since I was a teenager, it's too tight and very hard to retract. I could live with that but I am interested in being circumcised so have been to the doctor and should have a urology appt coming through soon. Part of it is the comfort in chastity but a another part is that I want to reduce my pleasure permanently and I like the "look" better.
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  3. Circumcision will definitely help!! I have 2 friends who did it and they both love it.. they don't do chastity but they say the skin never gets in the way of anything they want to do - as it once did.

    On the other hand, I saw a video of a guy putting his uncut slave in chastity and he pulled the foreskin thru the front of the device. The slave didn't like the skin rubbing on things but master said 'get used to it and I better not find any cum or that you've pushed the skin inside your device' and then he put the slave in a diaper.
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  4. I was circumcised when I was 25 so I have experienced both. However I kept getting erections so the doc botched the job and I look uncircumcised when flaccid but not when erect. Not a problem, just weird. I have a Jailbird and after wearing it for years I do not find it to be a problem. If you ask Mature Metal they will reverse the end bars to prevent or minimize any pinching. It works well for me but once in a great while I may feel a pinch. I think being circumcised would eliminate any pinching but believe me, it is not something you want to do for the sake of avoiding a little pinching. I had to do it for medical reasons and out of all my surgeries, it was the worst.
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  5. Thanks Vinny for this. When you say "however i kept getting erections", what do you mean? Getting circumcised shouldn't stop erections, should it? And it was REALLY painful then? I happy happy to take pain to satisfy my Mistress but how you describe it sounds scary
  6. I was circumcised some years ago as the plastic cages like the CB or Holy Trainer caused constant swelling of the foreskin (edema). I'm not sure if you need it in a metal cage but it really helps to keep your penis clean. I'm happy that I did it. The healing process is just a few weeks.

    Masturbation will be a lot harder, no swellings anymore, no need to remove the cage every other day for hygienic reasons and I havent experienced the problems Vinny described.
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  7. What do you mean that the doc botched the job, and how is that related to erections? My friends who were circumcised as adults said the recovery was very easy, and that's the usual comment I've heard, so wondering why was yours difficult? "of all your surgeries"?? what else have you had? I've had a few too, 3 cosmetic, a hernia and a sinus surgery. The hernia was the most painful by far, but it was still day-surgery as we call it in the US, and I wouldn't fear it if the other side went at some point... hey, at least I can feel good on Oxycodone :) (I don't get addicted; guess I'm lucky). btw I was circumcised when I was born, as is the usual case in the US, so totally happy about that.
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  8. I'm interested when you say that masturbation will be harder - why is that?
  9. Before circumcision I held my penis at the tip and moved my foreskin along the glans. Without the foreskin I need baby oil to prevent irritation.
  10. Oh i see, i had no idea but i guess it makes sense. But Mistress doesn't want me to masturbate anymore, she is training me to be able release through prostate massage so that shouldn't be a problem for me. Having said that I haven't been able to milk properly yet which is annoying. But I'm keeping at it in the hope that I/she will get the knack.
  11. I've been circumcised almost all my life. It certainly seems to make cleaning easier. However, my current device is designed to make foreskins easier to manage, so might be of interest.
    Wearing (4) - Copy.jpg

    The paperclip end gives you really easy access for cleaning. I imagine it should be simple to, e.g. retract for washing.
  12. I'm going to get circumcised at some point. Wanted to do it for some time now but unfortunately it's pretty expensive here. Just love the thought of having a permanently exposed glans and no way to turn back.
  13. I am uncircumcised, and I really like my penis as it is.
    Actually, I am quite against people circumcising their Kids for no reasons...
    I don't want to get political though; especially as grown-up men can very well do whatever they like!

    On the chastity side, I have a similar experience: I got pinching, swollen skin, and hygiene difficulties.
    Solution #1: Mature metal: custom size, open design, easy to clean, no pinching or swelling... Great!

    Yet, I don't always like Metal as it is heavy, so...
    Solution #2: Custom Chastity: Many size available, (even customizable for an extra fee) light high quality plastic.
    Open enough design for great cleaning, no swelling, no punching, better profile than MM.... Awesome!!

    I have been wanting to write a review about all the devices I got through the years (13 :confused: )

    I have definitely found the one for my Uncut dick :D
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  14. I'd love to have that as a guest post for my blog!