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chinese cb6000s stainless steel

Discussion in 'Chinese Devices' started by steelwaiting, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. I have been wearing this 24/7 for the past few weeks.

    I love how it looks and so does the wife. There are problems.

    1) the weight, it is heavy
    2) hygiene it tends to smell
    3) nighttime erections are murder
    4) chaffing and pinching..... the final straw

    I have now ordered a custom cage, here's hoping for a better result.

    I will keep the cage for special occasions as I do love its look.
  2. It sounds like the cage is too long. is the custom cage shorter?
  3. The custom is a little shorter , the main problem is where the locking mechanism. there is a lot of movement which leads to biting, nipping and chaffing of the penis. I will do a review of the new device when it arrives and I have test driven it.
  4. We have the plastic CB6000S and so my husband bought the metal one too as a fun addition. But as the first review says, it's SO heavy. Really, it's so heavy it just pulls and pulls until it falls off (as the nicely rounded ring, which he tells me is much more comfortable than the plastic, slips off much more easily). He said that a smaller ring would help, and we might get that some time, but it's still so heavy anyway. As far as I'm aware he's not had any of the pinching issues though.
    However we still use it, but as a kind of 'lockdown' item. If I want him VERY aware he's caged, I'll put him in this. And it's fine if he has tight undies on over it, but it's not really feasible to wear out anywhere, so very much for home use. As the first review said, it is a bit rough inside too, so definitely more of a 'punishment' item. But that's quite fun to have if needed! Andit does look great, and for the price (I can't remember what it was but really cheap) it's a lot of fun as an extra 'hardcore' cage.
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  5. Yep I had one of these too and found the same issues and the security is awful you can drag out of the back no problem and get stuffed back in. :) So were going down the Urethral insert route. This is circa $30 on DH Gate called W02 its new I think as not seen this model before.
    Its also got a great Looker lock mech too.

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  6. An i ask what the stainless cb6000 weight is also what about the w02? Thanks
  7. I also have the CB6000 plastic and metal versions. When I wear the metal one I use pouch underwear (but a little small) that works to add support. I also use UFM 2.0 Underwear for Men Adjustable Athletic Support Boxer Brief 6" (from Amazon) which allows you to cinch up the pouch around your balls. I've worn the metal cage for 4 days including to work in a suit with the adjustable underwear.
  8. I just fell out with the cbxxxx range. Too many holes, the skin always bulging out and getting trapped. The end slot always seemed to manage to trap my scrotum when I sat down at least a couple of times a day. I could not bring myself to even try a metal knock off. I've worn a stainless steel Fort for years, no longer available which I was very happy with. I am happier still with my plastic Holy Trainer and hope to be more so with my stainless steel HT knock off when it arrives. The HT has less of a profile, prevents erections rather than contains full erection attempts. Virtually no wriggle room at all which pleases my KH no end.

    Metal cages are heavier and will take some getting used to especially if you are new to wearing anything. Night time erections, its all about the right set and lube. It will take a lot of adjusting and once thats done it will still take a little time to make the transition from a lifetime of swinging free to 24/7 confinement.

    Hygeine.. shower once or twice a day, when at home rinse after peeing, try not to pee when not home. Take off at least weekly for total clean and inspections this can be reduced as time goes on, you get better at being locked and your partner is more comfortable with you being the KH.

    It takes time but you wil get there.