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chat server

Discussion in 'The Study' started by tiemeupalso, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. this has got to be the slowest server i have ever seen.sometimes it takes 30 sec or more for a post to be printed.
    then i start to come on here and find the whole site is like this.
    when is something going to be done about these slow servers?
  2. please they am trying to mend it and the Admin man has come back here to do it for everbody.
  3. please they am trying to mend it and the Admin man has come back here to do it for everbody. it is slow at the mo youm rigt.
  4. @jermima Does being a sissy require your form of speech? I have never known a sissy in NYC to speak as you do, so I am fascinated. Just curious and not trying to be disrespectful. I have not come across your kind of speech before. Is it common among your peers and if so, what does incorrect use of a language have to do with sexual orientation? It reminds me of how the old black men in the South used to speak back in the late 60's. Why is this kind of speech used by sissies? Is it supposed to sound childlike? Sincerely would like to know as a student of all things sexual. Hope you are not offended and if so, please forgive me. I know how to speak as a sexual submissive which sounds strange to others, but not come across your kind of use of grammar in any sexplay I have come across. Give me the 411 if you do not mind or else I could Google it I guess.
  5. well im not speaking i'm writing and i know i'm not good at it and when i come here first Mistress write it all down for me and then i copy. i does it all by myself now and i think i'm getting better. i'm not from America and i'm not a black man but i like black men cos theym fun and i have met some. when i went to school i was bully a lot so i don't go for ages and ages and that's why. Mistress says i can write in here and She will tell me what i did wrong but She been busy a lot and not had time. and i have got a certificate for writing.
  6. @vinny,and what does that have to do with a slow server.at least jemima stays on topic.
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