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chat box location and size

Discussion in 'The Study' started by imasissytoo, Sep 2, 2017.


Why is the chat box in the worst place for viewing and reading?

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  1. How about letting us be able to move the chat box to any place on the screen. Also let us be able to enlarge the box so the letters get larger and easier to read. Would also make it easier for us to correct our spelling when we reply
  2. You are absolutely right, the box is in the worst possible place.
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  3. I'm guessing with other routine maintenance and other minor things needing to be addressed and not done, updating the chat is not going to happen any time soon,

    Sorry. But I'd be surprised if it happens.
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  4. If they claim to be a " user friendly " site they should correct their mistake Not like it will take months to fix
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    Hi @imasissytoo@imasissytoo - I hope you're enjoying CM! Apart from the minichat obs. :)

    As you're a new member it's probably worth pointing out that our chief Admin is away on what seems to be an extended sabbatical.
    We have a moderator team to help steer and solve minor problems for people, but we're very much caretakers as we don't have powers to make the kind of changes you describe. Wish that we could though, I'd change the chat box in a heartbeat!
  6. What mistakes are you referring to?

    I feel overall the site is decent. Sure we could nitpick it apart. But that's just wrong. I'd rather offer suggestions to help improve things I see as problems or serious enough to need attention.

    As I've stated my biggest concern is a lack of a backup admin. It's an easy fix and something I hope the site owner addresses when he gets back.

    I'm not aware of a process here for offering suggested changes and/or updates. Maybe the moderators should look into that. In all the years I've been here, I don't recall a formal process. So I'm guessing the result would be it's not needed.

    If so, I propose something simple and informal such as submitting an idea, having the moderators and admin discuss, then getting a reply if it'll be done, be done in the future, combined with another idea or rejected.
  7. Tomf Having the chat box in a absurd location--lower right of screen, having it so it is hard to read is a "mistake" It should be moveable and expandable so people can read what is written. I am not nit picking. I am pointing out the obvious. Hope this clears it up.
  8. mine shows up almost full screen and centered.the problem is probably with the settings in your computer.
    are you clicking on the "chat" at the top of the page or that little thing on the bottom right.?
    click on the top of the page.
  9. There are two unrelated and incompatible chat systems on this site. The one that everyone seems to find and try to use in the bottom corner and only does 1:1 chats, is nigh unusable even on a desktop, on A phone it's 100% broken. I never use this one and have myself hidden so no one tries to chat me in it.

    The "Main" chat room is bearable, but very laggy and occasionally broken. Also has very bad memory leaks (i.e. The code that runs it is very badly written) which can crash your browser if you stay in it too long without reloading.

    The thing is, none of this is unique to CM. CM didn't write any of this software, they're using common forum software with chat plugins. I've seen exactly the same kinds of problems on other sites I visit that use this same software.
  10. well whats wrong with the chat mini box thingy being down there where it is. please i don't understand. i know that some time it is slow and dont work proper but that's cos sometimes everthing go slow here. if folks don't like the little chat box then they shud go into the big chat room i think.