Chastity Slave of my Younger Roommate

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    Chastity Slave of my Younger Roommate by unknown author since its listed as guest author

    It is Corona lockdown
    So that’s what I had come to. Within a few days a respected and successful gentleman had become an obedient slave. For more than 6 days I had not left the apartment because there was nationwide Coronavirus lockdown.

    This time would have been demanding enough but my young roommate Laura mercilessly used the lockdown to make me her chastity slave.

    But let’s get everything in order first.

    I am a 30-year-old IT specialist. I earn well and I am described by the opposite sex as a very handsome guy. I am used to gettting what I want and I always had a problem with authority. This was especially noticeable at school and during my military service. I do not like to subordinate myself.

    But there is one major exception… Women! I have a very submissive side which is limited exclusively to women I admire. For them I would do anything for them, subordinate myself completely and give myself up.

    When our lives were increasingly restricted due to the Coronavirus, I was very grateful to have a profession that was compatible with a home office. I also had a beautiful apartment in Berlin which I shared with my 20-year-old roommate, Laura.

    Laura was the landlord’s daughter and a pretty spoiled brat. She studied sociology and enjoyed life as a pampered daughter to the fullest. Of course she didn’t have to pay any rent and every month she got a generous amount of money from her father which was mostly spent entirely on shoes and clothes.

    I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I left one fact unmentioned: I had a little crush on Laura. She was a very attractive young woman. Tall – almost as tall as me, long legs, a very athletic figure and long blonde hair. Exactly what I wanted!

    But what attracted me most to Laura was her intelligent and quick-witted nature. She didn’t take any crap from men and had probably broken many hearts.

    As a submissive man it was obvious that I worshipped her in my imagination. She must have suspected something about my interest because sometimes she took advantage of my submissive side.

    But we both got along very well. Laura was not often at home anyway because she was usually partying with her friends. When she was sick and couldn’t leave the house she always complained about her boredom.

    Already on the first day of the lockdown she got me on my nerves. “How will I survive the next few weeks without dying of boredom?” – she said. I felt no sympathy for her complaining because my job went on as normal.

    Just as I was about to sit down at my desk again after lunch, there was a sudden knock at the door and Laura came in. She had a diabolic grin on her face and something told me that I should be very cautious.

    “Joe, can I ask you something?” – she said with an innocent look. I just nodded and swallowed nervously.

    “You once left your laptop open in the kitchen. Four weeks ago when you had to go downstairs to open the door for the Amazon guy, do you remember?”

    “I was about to try out a new recipe and had to do a quick search on Google, so I went on your laptop.

    You had a tab open with an Amazon order. You know how curious I am, I couldn’t resist looking at it. You ordered a male chastity cage. Haha.”

    She had to laugh. I didn’t feel like laughing now, the adrenaline immediately shot into every corner of my body. Oh God, how embarrassing! My heart started pounding wildly. My mind was racing feverishly in search of an excuse.

    She shook her head and said before I could answer: “No, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t search for an excuse sweetheart!”

    “I don’t mind, nobody chooses their sexuality.

    But I would like to see this chastity cage. Will you show it to me?”

    “Please! Please!” – Now she looked at me with doggy eyes.

    Actually, she was right with about her remark about sexuality. But if I show her the cock cage now, it’s definitely too late for an excuse. Then she’ll know about my submissive side forever.

    But suddenly I felt a touch of excitement. According to Mark Twain, at the end of our lives we always regret the things we didn’t do. I was determined to live more by that formula. Besides, who can refuse this goddess a wish?

    “Yes, if it pleases you, you may see it” – I surrendered.

    “Yay” – she shouted.

    So it is. “Alea iacta est” – The die has been cast, now there is no turning back. I got up and went to my closet, opened the sock drawer and took out the chastity cage. I gave it to Laura who was weighing it in her hands with interest.

    “And you’ve worn this before, right?” – she asked me. I could only nod in embarrassment.

    “Good, then you know how to put it on. Get in the bathroom and put that thing on. I’ll open the lock for you and keep the two keys with me.”

    Be smart now! You only have this one chance. If you hesitate, it will never happen again. But that doesn’t mean I won’t tell all my friends about your little secret – Ha ha.”

    Again, I had to make a quick decision. But this time the thinking did not overtake my brain. I felt clear excitement when I looked into the diabolic eyes of Laura. Was it not exactly what I had always wanted?

    I took the cage as well as the opened lock and went wordlessly into the bathroom.

    First, I had to take a cold shower, otherwise it would not have been possible to put the chastity cage on. After a treatment with cold water and a not-so-little amount of lubricant, the lock clicked, and a new era began for me. Damn, if only I had masturbated this morning. So, 4 days of chastity had already added up to my account now.

    I was suddenly torn from my thoughts when there was a knock at the bathroom door.

    “What’s taking so long? Do you want to relieve yourself ? This is starting to be fun!”

    I put on my boxer shorts and opened the door. Laura was already standing in the doorway with a big grin on her face, just saying, “Let me see the cage.” I was so ashamed, but what else could I do but obey? I shivered for a moment at the thought that she now truly had control over me. Did I think it all over well? Fuck, it was too late to think.

    “What’s wrong with you? Have you gone deaf?” – she now had a more commanding tone than usual.

    “Uh no, sorry.” – I pulled down my boxer shorts and felt the blood shoot into my head. As if the humiliation wasn’t enough, Laura took the cage in her hand and checked that it was seated correctly. A breakout was impossible.

    Satisfied, she looked at me, smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. “Good boy, I like you like this. Now please kneel down, because that’s even better.”

    That kiss made me feel paralyzed. I immediately did as I was told and felt for the first time how my cock began to fight against the cage – without success.

    I twitched a little. It was a mixture of great excitement and discomfort because the chastity cage was too tight. My thoughts were like an open book to her.

    “Oh, someone seems to want out of the cage already! Well, you will have to practice a lot of self-discipline the next few days.”

    “For the next few weeks we’ll both be locked up in the apartment. Outside the flat new rules apply, inside the flat too!

    If you follow all the rules correctly you will be rewarded by me. If you do not follow the rules you will be punished accordingly.”

    The following rules apply:

    1. You’re mine from now on!
    2. Your only task will be to obey and serve me!
    3. Your clothes from now on consist of a cage, underpants and a collar. That’s all! It’s warm enough now anyway.
    4. You will address me as “Lady Laura” from now on!
    5. All household tasks will be done by you.
    6. You are not allowed to ask for the key to your cage. Violations against this rule will be punished especially hard!
    7. From now on you will work in my room! Always under my supervision!
    8. Every morning you will shower with me so that I can check the hygiene of your cock cage.
    9. When you move from one room to another, you will do so on all fours – Haha.
    10. I have the right to tie you up at any time.
    11. This one is more of a reward: If you’ve been a good boy during the day you can sleep in my bed as a reward and take care of my needs – with the chastity cage on, of course!
    “Anything unclear? All very understandable, right?”

    I could only produce a silent “yes”, which was immediately answered with a light slap.

    “Apparently not” – she said.

    “Yes, Lady Laura” – I corrected my answer.

    “Well, then let’s start with your education immediately. We have a lot to do. After all I want to have you at an acceptable level of education at the end of the lockdown, so that I can lend you to my friends. There is a lot of interest in you.

    Everything is already planned and agreed upon. Don’t worry my sweetie you just have to obey. I will do the thinking for you from now on.

    She bent down a little towards me, took my face with her left hand and gave me another kiss on the cheek while she stroked my naked bottom with her other hand.

    She whispered in my ear: “On second thought, I don’t really want to wait until the evening, I want you to take care of my needs now. Go to my room and kneel before the bed. I’ll be right behind you; I just need to slip into something more comfortable…

    If the story pleases you I will gladly write a sequel. Let me know.
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    Not a bad story, but right from the start gave me a feeling of unbelievability (if that’s a word). It would help if the story got off to a good start by giving a plausible explanation for why a 30-year-old guy got a beautiful 20-year-old girl (not his girlfriend) as a roommate. If her father is the landlord, why in the world would he have her share an apartment with a random guy? For me, starting off with a seemingly implausible situation tinged the entire story with a sense of disbelief.
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