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Chastity Shrinkage?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by dollyanne, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Dollyanne has read in other places that chastity--especially long-term--can result in shrinkage of the penis (or, for the sissy gurl, the clitty). Cuckolds and sissy gurls, and to be sure, sissy gurl cuckolds, probably don't mind if this happens. In fact, some WANT this to happen! Dollyanne is already small to begin with, but did notice that being in her pink cb-2000 for more than a month resulted in smaller erections of her clitty. Even after some time passed the erections looked to be about a half inch shorter. This may not seem like much, but to a sissy gurl who is only around four inches at most to begin with, it's a significant amount.

    This makes dollyanne wonder what the effect would be with long-term chastity. Has anyone experienced this? Will dollyanne's clitty eventually spring back to its full sissy gurl glory in time, or will dollyanne experience permanent shrinkage with long term chastity?:penisdance:

    Curtsies and Huggs,
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  3. Thank you, omega! Lots of good comments there! Dollyanne will read through it. Are there any conclusions that you have drawn from it?

  4. Dolly,

    Mine has gone from a full six to 4 and 3/4 inches. My chastity periods just get longer and longer. I am in the midst of a ten week lock up.

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  5. same here... mine has gotten shorter too by about 1 1/2 inches... perfect for the mini-birdlock depending when funds are available ::frustrated::
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  6. Joroincharge

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    Years ago, when Hal Higginbottom was making the Tollyboy belts, he used to advise that after a time there could be shrinkage with a smaller tube required, and he would exchange if necessary. I haven't checked if this is still so with Richard Davies, though.
  7. if shrinkage is an actual issue, that would pose an issue. Madam I do not think would be happy with any shrinkage. now there are 2 questions:
    What is cauing the shrinkage?

    what can be done to prevent it?

    can a release and erection on a weekly basis prevent it? Daily? monthly? bi-weekly?
  8. I think the main reason for shrinkage would be the lack of full erections causing the skin to tighten also I would think also the blood vassals may also shrink slightly with the fact that not as much blood will be flowing to the penis during erection.

    From what I’ve read in the past thought that it’s not permanent and if the chastity device is removed the penis should return to its normal self within weeks. It’s usually common for erections not to be as strong for people partaking in long term chastity but this is not a permanent situation either.

    I guess if shrinkage and less firm erections do become an issue then it may be that the chastity device will have to removed, for a couple of weeks or even permanently.

    The problem with being in and out of chastity is that the body would have to constantly adjust to the device. I know when I haven’t worn my CB2000 for a while it takes at least a week before I can sleep properly and 2 weeks before my scrotum is stretched enough for the device to be considered comfortable.

    A smaller sissy clit for some may be a welcome sight, I know it wouldn't be a problem for me, less for me to tuck away.
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  9. richard

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    I noticed that wearing the CB2000 my cock was becoming shorter but fatter.
    But switching to the cb3000 it has recovered a bit of its length but has lost the width increase and is has lost it's original width too.

    So I think the shape of the cage has something to do with it.

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  10. I am not yet in a cage, but I have not been allowed a conscious erection in months... however there are times when i wake up hard. i have noticed a marked decrease in size and firmness.

    I can only assume that it is the opposite effect of using a vacuum pump.

    Using a pump increases the amount of blood that flows into the sponge like corpus cavernosum. Over time, the corpus cavernosum are stretched, allowing more blood, and thus a larger organ.

    If the corpus cavernosum are not filled with blood on a regular basis, they must shrink.
  11. I was going to make a comment similar to hubbi0. The penis pumps are basically the reverse.. but they don't cause permanent changes in penis size.

    I imagine that if one uses a penis pump every day, one would note that their penis is slightly bigger, and stays that way in between. Likewise, if one is locked in chastity all the time, I imagine the penis shrinks somewhat, since it's flacdid (or restrained) so often. I expect neither change is permanent.

  12. I hate to be the bubble burster here but alas, sometimes the truth hurts, especially for those who wish to have a smaller clitty as a result of wearing a chastity device. The real truth is that certain body parts, no matter how much they receive lack of use, do not shrink. There can be shrinkage where there is muscle that can atrophy but this does not include the penis. The muscles in the penis area surround and support it but the penis itself is compromised primarily of tissue and blood vessels so the same is not true of it. If it did shrink, no matter how big you were to begin with, it would not be noticable to the naked eye. Even then it would simply be temporary.

    Bones can definitely shrink in the body but that is due to aging and muscles can atrophy and shrink, but not our clitties. This is not my opinion or something that I read on the internet. It is a medical fact.

    Additionally using a vacuum type device to enlarge the penis is basically the same thing in reverse. It also is temporary unless you do it all the time in which case the blood vessels burst and are damaged permanently resulting in a larger cock but one that will not get fully erect due to the damage caused by the pump.

    Sorry to be the party pooper gurls but these are the facts and now you know them. :sad0064:
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  13. Shouldn't this whole thread be somewhere else? This is the 'boudoir' (cuckolding) section.
  14. I shrink really small when caged for long periods. In fact my cage becomes twice as long as it should be when this happens. After we first saw this happen, we actually got everything back to normal size by rigorous maturbation over a couple months time frame.

    Knowing this, my wife has relocked me and is intentionally shrinking me. It's adding to the exitment knowing that everyday brings me closer to a smaller useless cock. I suspect it's my age and weight that generates this phenomina.
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  15. I know this is an old thread but this is something I've been wondering about.

    How will long term use effect penis length and function? any feedback from those of you who have been doing this long term?
  16. When I we married I was about 6.5" and my petite wife said it hurt at times and stretched her mouth too much. I am very thick which is perfect for a woman who gets all of her orgams only through stimulation of her clit. I now wear a cage that is 1 1/4" long. Add a half an inch for the gap and I an less than 2" flaccid and about 4+" erect. Some of that has to do with age and gaining weight too. Let's just say that at one time women enjoyed my penis a lot, but now I would be embarrassed by how small it got.
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  17. that's what I'm afraid of, my wife likes my size as do I and I don't want it to shrink (more then it should with normal age).
  18. A blog called denying thumper did his own measurements from before chastity till now. Over ten years now I believe. Long term lock up , he even made graphs about his time locked up.

    In that time he had minimal shrinkage, and always returning to his former length within days of being uncaged. That is about as much scientific data on the subject as you will ever get. He was meticulous with records.

    He did have a divet on the top of his penis from his Prince Albert ring pressing on his glans. He said that too would go away, but takes more time.

    So, unless your tummy or surrounding fat reduce the amount you are able to insert...you are going to stay right where you are at, if given time to stretch it out again.
  19. Thanks!
    I have read as we get older the penis could get smaller over time so I know some could be expected naturally and not from chastity. I have also read alot of stuff on forums and blogs about shrinking of the penis from CBs with many claiming significant permanent shrinkage. How much of that to believe? I'm naturally skeptical of what I read on the internet. knowing how the penis is made up I can understand some short term shrinkage from prolonged chastity without an erection but the guys claiming long term permanent shrinkage I can't understand being true or at least I hope not.

    I just went on denying thumper and found a blog post he made on the subject, I'm assuming this is what you are referring too?

    its been tough trying to find any scientific or medical data on the subject, I just haven't found anything credible.
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  20. yep there ya have it, it bounces back. He did say it might take a bit for elasticity to return, so it might be a bit smaller at first.
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  21. Mine has got a bit smaller as I am locked all the time but I am sure that is a temporary thing but what also has happened is erections are harder to get as I am very rarely allowed one and I am now so sensitive that I could cum in seconds .my wife loves it as she says I was all ways to small for her any way and she prefers the big strapon I use and she says an erection is a waste for me as she loves me locked away....turns out to be a win win I think lol
  22. and maybe thats why people think it shrinks they don't let it out long enough for the elasticity to return before locking back up.
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  23. Clearly there is a bit of shrinkage witch seems develop with longer lock ups etc...Thats not to say things can't return to normal in time. However, I could barely tolerate the largest of the five rings in the CB6000s. I have now gone smaller twice. I know comfortably use the 3rd or middle size of the 5.
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  24. Yes we have also noticed a shorter erection when I am allowed but a little fatter.
    Anyway what is an erection ..... forgot what one looks like :)
  25. I recently read on a medical site, that 2 things affect our penises shrinking! Age and weight gain!
    Not only do we lose some height as we age, but our penis will shrink as well! Mother Nature can be so cruel!
    The most significant cause of "shrinkage" though is weight gain!
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