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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by The Bampot, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I discovered this site two years ago, and have been watching and fantasizing (OK lurking) ever since. I has helped me introduce and discuss the subject of chastity with my wife, and last fall, we took the plunge and purchased a black CB-3000. At first, she would lock me up for a few days at a time, while I was home. Then, she decided that I might cheat when I'm away (I'm a truck driver, gone for a week or ten days a trip), so she would lock me up before I left, and let me out when I got home. So far, it has been an enormous turn-on, especially knowing that my release is possibly three thousand away. My wife/KH has discovered tease and denial. Now, I'm locked up the whole time I am away, but there is no guarantee that I will get relief when I get home. She can tease me for hours and then lock me up again and send me back on the road. The torture is exquisite. She gets plenty of satisfaction as I am made to please her orally over and over as part of the tease. I haven't had a proper release sexually since the Fourth of July. That's my story so far, except neither my wife or I have any interest in sissy feminisation crossdressing sort of thing. My wife/mistress/KH has threatened to have her girlfriends over and have me serve drinks in the nude wearing only the CB. She is also expressing an interest in cuckolding me. So what could be next?
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