Chastity Memes and Virtual Reality

Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by Achedlock17, May 28, 2020.

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    The meme for the chastity lifestyle seems to be becoming more and more popular. It is replicated more and more over social media, but could there be another boost in the wings: a true Virtual Reality Chastity Experience? The usual idea of VR is that the rendered environment reacts to the user's choices as would the real environment. So a VR Chastity Experience would have to subdue the user's erections-but to do that would not the necessary "kit" would have to be a real chastity cage? Surely to be true VR there would have to be only a "virtual chastity cage". I don't mean "honour" chastity, because there the male is willing to be locked (to a degree); true virtual chastity would have to be a VR experience so strong that it overpowered all resistance in the real world and just: inhibited all would be erections/orgasms. I query whether such a powerful VR is likely in the next few years: wouldn't it amount to rendering the male into a different person as it would have to negate their internal mental states? However weak we males are, is that not beyond any present day or near term technology?
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