Chastity Journal: Entry #2

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    Last night was a little rough for me. I had three dreams, two of which were erotic in nature. Consequently, my member tried its hardest to stretch and break free, but was denied this luxury. The first of these dreams was minimalistic. It was just me sitting in a wooden chair with my arms and legs restrained, the only light in the room was a spotlight which shone down brightly against my sensitive eyes. Through the darkness, I heard the clicking of heels, and the closing of a door. It slowly creaked, and there was an obvious drop in the amount of air once it closed. It sounded as if there was no other furniture in the room, as the clicking echoed everywhere. From behind, I felt the soft touch of a woman scratch my beard and wrap a blindfold around my eyes. She cooed into my ears ‘you don’t get to see me yet.’

    It was at this point that my heart began racing. Her fingertips lightly caressed my body, occasionally she would stop to place both palms on me, it seemed like she was giving me a full inspection. Next, she began to unbuckle my pants. She unzipped them agonizingly slow, and it was during this long tease that I came to a startling realization. I was still locked. Before long, my panties were down around my ankles, and she was laughing softly at my locked member. After exhaling on it, allowing for a rush of warm air to drive it insane, she said ‘well, you can still please me.’

    I felt my body being lowered backwards until I was on my back. She sat on my face wither her vagina pressed against my mouth and ordered me to give her orgasms until she was satisfied.

    I woke up to the feeling of my cage being challenged. Small pockets were being formed against my skin, I recited the lyrics to some of my favorite songs to take my mind off the stress, and after fifteen minutes or so I fell back asleep. There were several times throughout the night that I woke up. This being due to how early I fell asleep. As someone who suffers from Insomnia, anytime I can sleep is welcomed with open arms. However, after waking at 4:00 am I decided to call it quits and stayed up for good. A few hours after staying up I took my shower, and it was not something I was looking forward to. Hygiene in the private area is of course paramount, and shaving is rather easy. However, washing and drying the member can be tiresome at times. It took several cue tips and help from a hairdryer to finally finish the job.

    As someone who has undergone weight loss over the course of that past few years, and has taken on the even harder challenge of keeping the weight off, one of my daily rituals is visiting the gym. My workout consists of sixty-five minutes of cardio, and then one hundred reps of weights. The main concern that I have at the gym is hiding the bulge that accompanies a chastity cage. I have found that a pair of loose panties, a pair of loose shorts and untied sweatpants tend to do the trick. On occasion I will include an oversized hoodie that I own that drapes over my private area.

    Today’s journey went off without a hitch. I managed to change in the locker room without my bra or panties being noticed, and my cage went was not seen either. I enjoy light humiliation, but I also enjoy going to this gym more, and I do not want to risk my membership.

    When I arrived home, I surfed the web for a few hours. My primary source of entertainment comes from well-produced Youtube videos, so that made up the crux of it.

    I watched the first NFL Wild Card game of the day and watched as my bracket was further busted.

    Overall the rest of my day was bland, the only other highlight was that I sat down to watch the film, ‘Poetry,’ (2011).

    Until next time.

    Stay locked, stay submissive, and try to be happy.
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