Chastity Into the Future

Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by male_thing, Dec 7, 2009.

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    As I mentioned in my intro post (Foyer), my current term of denied sexual release is 238 days. (Today is day 142.) I am fairly confident that unless I badly foul things up, my Mistress will grant permission to end this term of chastity.

    But I am stunned and still shaking from our chat a few days ago. I mentioned something that happened when I was 28. She responded by noting that it has been more than half my life since that time. Then she went on to say that She intended to keep me "without an ejaculation but sexually stimulated for more than half of the time" I have left. It took a few minutes for the magnitude of Her plan for me to sink in.

    Now, I just passed my 62nd birthday, and I am pretty sure I could be happily masturbating 3 or 4 times a week for the next 12 to 15 years. And I plan to be around for another 20 years. She intends to keep me without orgasm for at least 10 YEARS. I say "at least" because we did not talk about how much "more than half" she has in mind.

    As the discussion went on, my face flushed red and my heart sped up. I was reminded of how totally I am in Her control. A wave of pure eroticism at the very idea of staying chaste under these terms washed over me. Thousands of orgasms I will never have. I am still tingling as i think about the very idea of such a challenge.

    In this situation, I realize my age is an advantage. I wonder how the younger men of the Mansion would react to such an announcement from their keyholder/controller? Denied sexual release for more than half of your remaining life. Teased whenever your controller wants to heighten your torment.

    I don't think I would have felt the compulsion to obey through my 40's and into my 50's. Now I intend to comply with Her wishes as best as I can. She told me that She finds me to be the "perfect sexless cumless male thing." I intend to be just that!

    As I continued to be stunned and yet thrilled by this development, I have discovered that what Mistress finds most exciting is the knowledge that there will be thousands of orgasms I will Never, ever have. There is nothing that can be done to retrieve a missed orgasm.

    When my current term of chastity expires on March 14, 2010, it will mark 34 weeks of denial. Since none of really knows when our time will be up, Mistress is going to make sure Her plans will be fulfilled.
    I suspect I will be facing a year or longer for the next "term."
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    May 16, 2010
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    hi male thing,im single self lock & 52. its our age.barring anymore wounds that have plagued me by previous devices the addiction we crave now in life we surrender to.a month is minimum & asubmission point- then its on locked as a way of living life from now on. as the song says you can check out, but never leave,becoming cumless.
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