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Chastity injury, heals but keeps recurring

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Nicoftime, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Was wondering if anyone else with a ball trap type device gets the occasional blister under the sack.

    This keeps recurring after a few weeks locked, and lots of sessions (daily) that I am aroused by servicing her. It has happened maybe 5 times, but notice that the skin there is starting to toughen up in that spot and keeps happening in the same spot. The recovery period keeps on getting longer and longer. Which drives me nuts. Sure I like the freedom but its a bit too tempting and I would rather be locked if I can't use it.

    Device fits perfect so its not a device issue, just wondering if others have this issue.
  2. check the rings for any imperfection - you know where to look as that's where the blister is occurring.
    The problem could be caused by something imperceptibly small or even invisible, a small scratch in the surface, a mould line, a small hole, or even something stuck on the surface causing friction (could be something transitory like dried salt from sweat) .

    Whether plastic or metal, after a good physical wash (chuck it in the dishwasher or washing machine with a load), try using some very fine wet and dry abrasive paper to smooth and clean that area of the ring, try using water or olive oil to lubricate the abrasive paper, one may work better than the other depending on the specific material of the ring.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I know what is causing the blister, the device is fine...its during excitement the sack "bunches" up there if ya know what I mean. When ring is pulled down a bit the sack bunches up in the middle underneath and because it is such a tight fit, it sometimes stays bunched up due to skin friction. If I was a bit more attentive and apply a lubricant all would be fine, but I more often than not do not apply anything.
  4. I definitely know what you mean by the bunched skin, I went down a size in ring recently, and it didn't matter what I did it would bunch up and I would have to constantly re-adjust and put more baby oil gel to it. The only fix for me was to go back up to my larger ring
  5. Nico if you apply some Vaseline there under the ring everyday you'll be just fine.
    Either that or soaking your scrotum in Vinegar to harden it up ;-)
  6. I think then that some men must has a lot of skin and i have seen some men with a lot and it look like it shud be ironed, giggle.
  7. lol wish I didn't have so much, would make it easier and cheaper for me to find devices
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