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chastity in latex

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by sissy janice, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. hello,

    latex clothing is a big THING for me and my mistress. however, as latex is very fragile material but most of the devices have sort of a sharp corners and edges (like padlock edges, d-rings etc), we have not quite found the device suitable, for example, under latec catsuit.

    any of you wearing some sort of belt-type chastity device under tight latex clothing without destroying the (goddamn expencive:sad:) latex garment itself? long-time?

    thanky you!

  2. This is a very good question... I'm surprised no-one has answered it.

    I wonder if the only solution is to wear items around the device? Open fronted briefs, etc.

    I love latex, and have a few items, but I'm always so scared of trashing them.
  3. Custom-made protective garments are hellishly expensive. Can't see any other practical solution, though. :squigglemouth:

    Good luck
  4. When clubbing at fetish parties, I'm always belted with a full waistband steel chastity belt holding a steel rattler butt plug under my full body latex catsuit.

    My latex catsuit comes in contact with the steel waistband chastity belt, the steel penis tube and the steel disk stopper (or the handle) of the butt plug.

    It's very important to verify that no rivets or any other sharp objects protrude out of the belt, at it can tear the catsuit. Any protruding objects that rub against your catsuit (such as the belt's penis protector tube, or the steel band running from the front of the belt to the rear) will cause discomfort if genital skin is pinched between steel and your latex catsuit.

    Some butt plugs are locked to the rear band of the chastity belt with a bolt. Make sure that no bolt protrudes out of the steel back plate holding the steel butt plug your chastity belt. Most latex catsuits have zippers that run from the neck trough the crotch. Make sure that that the steel butt plug rod holing it to your base plate isn't rubbing against the zipper as it can ruin it. Replacing a long catsuit zipper will cost $100. If your latex catsuit is chlorinated, then no repair is possible.

    Lubricate all metal parts with gel. (the same you use to go into your catsuit is fine).

    Keep in mind that in the long run, metal discolors latex. There's nothing you can do about it. Have fun.

    When belted under my catsuit, I sometimes wear also a chainmail skirt over my catsuit. Evey move will make the steel chainmail skirt to bounce heavily against my body.To protect my latex catsuit against any puncturing or discoloration, I wear between my catsuit and the chainmail skirt a pair of spandex leggings. I let then the chainmail skirt bounce off as much as it wants against my penis protector tube. -- which by the way has an 85mm anatomical penis plug in the urethra.