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Chastity HER way, or NO way....

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by lockankeyed, May 25, 2017.

  1. I haven't been here for a while. My GF and Keyholder and I have been playing alot with different cages and devices but then it slowed down. I didn't think she was interested anymore. Every time I ask about it she just adds more time and I've been in the same cage for almost several weeks now.
    Suddenly she's all into it again in a suspicious sort of way. OK, she has this sort of flaky, can't seem to hold a job, living off of alimony girlfriend who needs a place to stay a while. I wasn't too crazy about this but as usual, I lost that argument. My biggest problem with her is that she's incredibly sexy. Long legs and nice ass, not much in the boobs department but I like that. She's always flirted with me and my GF is very aware of that but she insists that it isn't me she doesn't trust it's her.
    SO.....I was told to chose my favorite cage, one I could and would wear long term. She started ranting about how this was all my idea and how I wanted it and then I didn't and she ended the "discussion" with her friend was going to be here and I WAS going to be locked up. I picked out my favorite. She chose the one she likes better.
    First we locked it on about an hour before the girlfriend arrived. That was a week ago. While everyone was drinking my GF ordered me to strip and show her friend my situation. I get home several hours before my GF and now when I get home, the friend is usually dressed in panties and a bra. She walks around almost naked all the time. She's often rubbing her crotch but I don't think she's masturbating, I think she's just teasing me.
    She's seen me naked. I pee and shower with the door open, She does too. I'm constantly teased and taunted, She told me that if I wasn't naked or in underwear until my Gf pulled into the driveway, she'd tell her that I tried to kiss and fondle her. I'm so incredibly horny all the time, I can't stop staring at her almost naked. I'm totally mesmerized by her from her toes to her long sexy neck. There IS NO SEX, That's the number one rule.
    Even when my GF is home her friend is still more naked than dressed and my GF loves the fact that I'm going crazy here. NOW I'm second thinking this chastity thing. There is no way I'm getting out of this. When I asked how long her friend was going to stay, I was told until I took my cage off and I am now up to somewhere in August for asking. I told her her friend was driving me crazy and she said September. I HAD to ask if I ever get a day off and she said I will.....in October!! The subject was dropped when she suggested Christmas.
    She's right. This was...and is....my idea. that's what I get for thinking!!
  2. Your in a very interesting and exciting arrangement. I would be a little co concerned about the long term situation with the friend. You would think that there would eventually be some conflict and concerns about her being around almost naked all the time. Good Luck with both of them.
  3. Fantasy is one thing but her threatening you is not so cool. Hey if this is just a fling relationship or you're not really worried about the future, hey live and let live. If this is serious, you are committed to her for the future...having a naked, blackmailing, freeloader in the house might be counter productive.

    Ok your locked and can't fuck her, that doesn't mean she couldn't/wouldn't ask you to do other things. What if your girlfriend believed her, just what could possibly go right compared to what could go wrong.

    Have fun, hope it works out
  4. Chastity only clicked for us when we got rid of all the rules except one. My wife makes the rules. She does not have to tell me what they are and can change them whenever she wants. Basically she does what she wants and it makes being a KH fun rather than a chore. The only thing we did was that we negotiated the minimum number of orgams I would get because my wife said if I left it to her, I would get none. She is not a penis fan since she is bi and if given the choice, she would prefer a woman. This is the first year that I left it up to her. By now she knows my limits and will let me orgasm 3-4 times a year, or maybe more if she does so in the heat of the moment.

    Before we had so many rules that the rules were in control of our sex life and not my wife. We got rid of them and things went well from that point on. The only regret I have is that we started chastity after she left her girlfriend of 30 years. However, I was not allowed to have intercourse with them since about 15-20 years ago. None of us can remember. Our nightly sex was assisted my wife and her girlfriend give each other orgams and then I gave each one an orgam. After than, I was usually just left alone, but sometimes, they told me to masturbate or gave me a handjob while also performing CBT on me so they were all painful orgasms.

    I learned a long time ago that a D/s relationship works best when you discuss limits upfront, which of those limits can be pushed and establish a safe word that if uttered, stops the sex play and you then discuss the problem. After that, you do not have to do anything else since your wife knows your limits but how she reaches them if up to her. She must really feel that she is in control. Good luck.
  5. How is asking her friend length of stay be breaking any rule and adding to your lock up time?
  6. She told him not to do it?

    When BF is in chastity or under discipline, I get to make up rules as I go along. I take advantage of it.