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Chastity frustrating

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by mch2323, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Is there anyone out there that just likes being locked up? I enjoy the frustration and the feeling of pressure on myself..
    I get upset when people associated chastity with being a sissy, being in a FLR or Cuckhold. I just enoy the frustration and the release. Keeps me horny longer especially when I want to take a long time masturbating.
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  2. The inability to masturbate is pretty frustrating, but, when the cage is off, there is nothing I seem to want more than to be caged once again! Go figure!
  3. yes sir. I would say if you enjoy it then go with it. No-one says you have to do anything you dont want to. Not everyone is into sissy cuckold stuff and there a lot of us who aren't even into FLR or femdom.
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  4. I agree with you. I love the feeling of just being locked away and the frustration it provides and stops me masterbating which is better for our sex life. I am mainly self locked but my wife is now starting to hold the key at times which give a different dimension. However I do agree with you that chastity information can lead you to think that being a sissy etc is the next step which is not where I want to go. However there is nothing wrong if that is the case for other people.
  5. My wife and I did chastity for 5 years with none of that stuff you mentioned. However, you are not really doing chastity. You are doing self imposed celibacy which is why you are not going to find many people who can share you experience here. Chastity starts off with an exchange of power. You give someone else control over your orgasms. Without that, it is not chastity, it is something else. Not something lesser but just not chastity. The other thing is in chastity you still have sex even when locked up but no orgasm until your keyholder allows it. You have no keyholder so you get to cum whenever you want.

    You are correct about how locking up will increase your desire for orgasm though. Most of us, at least the ones doing it for real, have keyholders and there is a dynamic between us and our keyholders to whatever extent we decide. You are both prisoner and warden and that usually does not result in long time play. Check out fetlife.com as they have a lot of young single guys who self lock and support each other. You will find a lot more in common there than here. For us it is not the cage that is chastity, but rather it is the promise we make to our keyholders.

    I am not putting down what you do as it does exactly work as you say and many of us have gone solo with our fetish play at one time or another until we could find a play partner. What I am saying is that your focus is on wearing your cage and real life chastity does not even require being locked up but we all certainly enjoy it just like you do. The difference is like when I used to whip and sexually torture myself and call it S&M until I met couples into S&M and realized that it was not about what kind of whip I used or how hard I hit myself, it was about the dynamic between the couple, surrendering some part of you to another person that you trust and hopefully love. It is about someone else having control and not you. They share the equipment in common but what I was doing was not S&M, it was self flagellation but I did not realize that until I could not find many who shared my experience. Good luck and best advice I can give you is to devote your time to find someone who is sexually adventurous that will like to be your keyholder. You are not going to go out and find a girl into chastity. The best you can hope for is to get a girlfriend who likes to try new things and then teach her all about chastity.

    Just be aware that the excitement of being locked up does wear off and few last very long online without an keyholder. They come and they go quickly since they are missing out on all the good stuff of chastity, the lack of control over your own penis, edgings over and over again that your KH controls, not you. Orgasm denial that you have no say in and lots of sex to keep you aroused at a fever pitch all the time. I am in chastity and not locked up. I was locked for 5 years but no need to be anymore. Have fun but check out fetlife.com as you will find a lot of guys same as you. When you self lock it is like being a third wheel on a date. All three of you have the date in common but you are left out of the other 80% of the stuff that will happen as a result. :)
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  6. Agreed I was self lock for a few months then I introduced it to my wife which seemed to love for a few months then she was not interested in it anymore. So now Iā€™m back to self lock when I can. But I totally understand what your saying and appreciate your input.
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    I think that is one of the special things about chastity, it can be used in so many other kinks and as a stand alone fetish. Personally I love the denial bit, I am not bothered about dressing or cuckolding, all I want is a manly man who can take a beating. Oh wait, I have that already lol.
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  8. I agree with Mistress Jules, live and let live. Enjoy what works for you and take from it as much fun and love there is. No rules on what chastity needs to symbolise, we are all different. I love my jack caged and soon we'll be off to Hedo 2 for some real beach exposure. he is confident enough in his own skin to own what he has.
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