Chastity Freedom

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    I found the following information on the net & was wondering if anybody else had any ideas to expand the list.

    Chastity Freedom

    So your submissive male wishes a little freedom from his chastity device? Personally, I keep my male in chastity 24/7 (when possible) and only allow removal for cleaning with his hands securely cuffed behind his back. However, as much as I disagree with allowing any male to have his male clit (cock) free unless I have some use for it, here are some ideas that you might wish consider before allowing him a very limited amount of time out of his device:

    1. Keep him naked (except for his chastity device) for a set period of time i.e. hours or days. If he puts on any clothes for any reason i.e. need to go outside, visitors arrive unexpectedly then the time resets. Of course, he must remain in chastity during the interruption i.e. yard work, visitors stay for supper. Accessory items such as nipple clamps or clothes pins on his nuts are also a nice touch and can be added & removed at Your discretion.

    2. Have him wear pretty panties or maybe a garter belt and stockings for a set period of time (see above). Once again, if he removes these items for any reason, the time resets and he still remains in chastity during the interruption.

    3. Have him plugged for a set period of time. Personally, I like the pony plug which gives him a nice horse tail after insertion of the butt plug. This can be combined with numbers one & two. Again, if for any reason he must remove the plug, the time resets and his chastity device remains in place.

    4. A period of lengthy bondage that still allows him to perform other tasks for you must be endured. An example would be to chain his ankle together with only three or four feet of chain between each ankle so he could still walk then, secure his nuts to the chain between his ankles so that walking, sitting, etc must be done carefully. For an added touch, use a waist chain and then handcuff his hands on either side of the waist chain. Again, there should be an agreed amount of time that he must be bonded. If successful, he will be untied and freed from his chastity device. However, the rules of interruption described in numbers one & two should also apply here.

    5. You will be provided with certain sexual favours by him for Your pleasure only while he remains in chastity and is given no return pleasure. For example, he must bring you to orgasm orally every hour for a set number of hours. If he cums at anytime before fulfilling the total number of orgasms that he is to provide You then, the deal is either terminated or the number is reset to zero.

    6. The male, while in chastity, will fuck himself anally while You masturbate to orgasm. Of course, this task must be repeated a number of times throughout a certain time period or combined with one or more of the tasks listed here. Again, if the male achieves orgasm at anytime then the chance of having his chastity device removed is lost.
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