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Chastity Discipline

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. My wife and I just reinstituted corporal punishment if I ask for sex or an orgasm. Registered users can see my photo gallery and the results of a paddling and caning the last time we used corporal punishment. I started bugging my wife for orgasms and sex so she wanted to go back to our old way of handling that. As a result, I have not mentioned an orgams or sex all week. :) The big difference this time around is that even if my wife asks me if I want to cum during the heat of the moment while having sex, I have to say no or be punished. Same if she asks me if I want to have sex. She can notify me ahead of time for sex or just tell me to get into the bedroom now. I like the suspense of it. Supposedly she will have me beg to not give me an orgasm for another month or whatever she decides. We have not done that yet and do not know if she is really up to that. She does not play her dominant role well. I keep giving her the green light to take 100% control in the bedroom and we make a little progress each year. She still does not project a Mistress demeanor though. She is too kind and I do not think I really want to bring her into the dark side where our girlfriend dwelled. That girl enjoyed hurting men.

    Any of you receive corporal punishment for anything chastity related? I prefer it to getting the silent treatment. This way it is all over with quickly and no need to dwell on it.
  2. Your last paragraph is the very best part of discipline in a relationship.

    I love getting shit out in the open...this is what I'm upset about, this is what will make things right, and now we are both good and can move on. No passive aggressive silence, stomping around, dirty looks, or fake smiles.

    It's not exactly chastity related...FLR and domme related. Discipline as it turns out really turns her on which is an added bonus, but more than that she feels empowered. I am only sexually submissive, so attitude and behavior adjustment is hard for me. This helps her put a stop to whatever arguing we were doing and to be honest, is a lot better than both of us being pissy.
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  3. Hi Vinny yes my mistress has and still does use corporal punishment if I ask or start begging for orgasms or for the cage to be taken off these punishments are not playful and I have learnt not to ask. I am allowed an orgasm about every eight weeks this is given by her hand I am never allowed to penetrate or have full sex with her, In the period between these releases she gives me teasing sessions usually weekly towards the end of these sessions she will use a wooden paddle on me asking if I want the cage taking off, I have nearly always ended up begging her to stop and to stay in the cage the few times I have agreed to have the cage taken off and orgasm and accepted the rest of the paddling I have always greatly regretted it. She can spank very harshly the pain is just not worth it
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  4. @sissybitch@sissybitch. We do almost exactly like you except I have 3 or 4 months between orgasm but sometimes my wife gets carried away. I have not had PIV sex in so long that we cannot remember when it ended. We are guessing that perhaps 15-20 years ago when our girlfriend talked my wife into stopping it. My wife mostly gives me a handjob. We have sex weekly and my wife has two wooden paddles. You can see the aftermath of my wife's handiwork in my photo gallery. She has quite a collection of impact devices left to her by our former girlfriend who was very into being the sadist to my masochist. We did not do chastity per se, but she rarely made me orgasm and when she did, it was when I was in pain.
  5. My wife has never got into it. It is just something that she has to do on occasion. She is very non sexual about it. No arousing me or being sensual. Just bend over and get whacked or caned until she feels I cannot take anymore. It is no fun. Our ex girlfriend was another story since she enjoyed dominating me and causing me pain. She actually would sigh with pleasure with my moans of pain. My wife inherited all of our girlfriend's toys and I showed her how to use them. I am hoping that she gets into dominating me but she is too submissive. Today we were supposed to have sex. She called it off and I got a little sullen. She kept on mentioning that I looked mad and was upset that I was not happy. I told her it is OK and not to expect me to like everything she does.
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  6. Hi vinny it was reassuring to here from someone else who is not allowed PIV sex, as with you its been about 15 years for me, I was starting to think I was alone in this. It stopped for me when my mistress decided that my dick was too small and I came too soon anyway so I should stay locked and just serve her orally its been that way ever since with me going down on her when she wants now about 4 times a week, whilst doing this she will make sure its done to her liking by giving me the occasional strike with a riding crop all this just leaves me leaking in my cage
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  7. Miss Carol had made it clear from the start that I would receive corporal punishment. There would be a "trial" at which I would be found guilty and my sentence would be carried out on the spot. Her list of crimes include asking or begging for an orgasm and failing to satisfy her needs. I know she will soon try to trick me in the manner described by @Vinny@Vinny and I know I will fall for it! Miss Carol is not in any way domineering but right from the start but has made it quite clear that she is 100% in control in the bedroom. I know that my first adult thrashing will take place pretty soon but in a strange sort of way I am actually looking forward to it!
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  8. A good hard Adult thrashing can be very good for you. It can make you into a better person I'm very happy that my wife takes it upon herself to do this to me as required
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  9. This is exactly what Miss Carol said to me when she showed me her collection of spanking implements!
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  10. Jealousy on my face is evident...
  11. seems kinda different. Not sure why anyone here feels they deserve to be hit. Wouldn't tolerate it. How about a little game. She can spank you everytime you ask for sex and you can spank her everytime she denies you sex.
  12. It's very hard to understand I know. My Wife still struggles with it and it's been 25 years since the first time I asked her to spank me. I don't really no why but it's just the way I am. I guess I'm not Normal but than who wants to be Normal
  13. I usually get a firm smack across the face for suggesting sex or her pleasuring me in any way. If I complain about being caged I usually get a plug. I also receive corporal punishment on Fridays delivered by her riding crop. I am so appreciative of all of this attention she gives to me.
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  14. That game would not work for me. I have voluntarily entered a Female-led relationship with my Lady. She made it quite clear I would have to follow certain rules pertaining to Chastity and would be spanked if I failed to do so. I do not feel I 'deserve' to be hit but it is something I am willing to accept in context.
  15. On week 7, I think and despite being horny as heck, I have not asked her for sex or an orgasm. She choses to have sex when she needs it. Usually when she is stressed out. She has a brand new paddle that I do not want to be the test subject for. :) She is adamant that I wait two more months for an orgasm and I am dying to have one now, but I dare not ask or mention it. :)
  16. Well it took about two months to happen! Last night Miss Carol had been edging me and at about the fifth brink asked me if I would like to orgasm. I had been blindfolded and was kneeling on a high padded chair for my edging, with my hands lashed to the chair back. Miss Carol began a slow series of open-palm slaps across my buttocks and I suddenly realized what I had done! The slapping was replaced by when felt like a paddle or bath-brush. It really stung but I forced myself to stay relaxed and remain still. Suddenly the pelting stopped. Miss Carol began to stroke my burning buttocks. I felt her fingers grasp my penis and begin to glide up and down. It was not long before I ejaculated, the first time in over 2 months. She continued milking me lightly then abruptly left the room. A few minutes later she returned, unfastened my hands and told me to sit on the chair. I did so and my blindfold was removed. In Miss Carol's hand was a small glass.One hand was placed behind my head and the glass was raised to my lips. I wanted to swallow it quickly but Miss Carol ordered me to sip slowly and roll it around my mouth. It was not anything like as bad Is I thought..
  17. yes but please Mr Rumpleskin that's not a milking that's a spurty that you have been allow.