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Chastity desire- nature or nuture?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by sadiedog01, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Contemplating this I realize I must be somewhat hard wired for a D/s chastity life style. When I was about 12 years old, way before I even knew what an orgasm really was, something compelled me to tie up my genitalia. At the time I thought there must be something mentally amiss but continued to occasionally partake in this practice. This continued up to my first orgasm in which my cock was also tied up. I had began to get hard and something was pinching when I recall pulling up on my scrotum to see what was amiss and WHAM!! ... my first orgasm dribbled all over the bathroom floor with my poor cock still all tied up. Perhaps this event imprinted on my psyche in more ways that I originally though it did.
    Fast forward to when I was finally old enough to walk in a porn shop and came across a Centurian 'Trainers and Gags' catalog. I was immediately transfixed by the drawing of the woman in a head harness. I then recall my that my cock had become rock hard by just looking at the cover. I purchase the magazine, took it home and proceed to jerk off looking at this new world of leather and control.
    I am curious in anyone else's early experiences on the subject or, if you had more of a nurture experience in your life that caused you to conjured up the fetish.

    Perhaps this has been discussed in a previous thread , if so please direct me to it.

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  2. I developed my interests through edging, then ruined orgasms and orgasm denial. This escalated quickly and some CB bondage was implemented shortly after my first few ruined orgasms. So I don't have any imprinting from an early age.