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Chastity Day 3

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by SaraLovesChastity, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My arrangement with my girlfriend has progressed to my being prepared to service her at every opportunity and attending to all of her needs. We're trying to solve the challenges of daily chastity, like my going to work and so forth. One thing at a time. Until we get some additional wardrobe challenges handled, I will most likely be unlocked for going to work only. More permanent solutions will evolve as my development continues.

    As her sex-drive is substantial, it appears that I will be orally servicing her almost twice a day and using a strapon virtually every evening. I am to receive regular anal training, too. She wants me to be able to receive her every evening, though the decision ultimately resides with her. This means that my trainers will be inserted and locked when I return home from work. The anal training is pretty intense and I need to get used to it. She is already looking into getting bigger dildos and thus I have to prepare mt body appropriately.

    Today we made a trip downtown to get some new items to further my development and her enjoyment. It was quite fulfilling to be in full chastity, my buttplug harness and my rubber scrotom sack while shopping. This is my new life. We discussed at length about our decision today and we're both feeling very fulfilled. I'm reveling in the fact that this is to be our routine arrangement.

    I adore how the effects of control and orgasm denial are rewiring my desires such that only her pleasure matters. I have become a chastity slave! Nothing could make me happier.

    In chastity,


    PS: I hope that these posts are interesting to others. I'd love to hear.

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  2. Staying caged will get easier. The longest I went was a week. Had to unlock myself since i was getting scarred up. But it sounds like you are having a lot of fun while caged.
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  3. Thank you so much for responding. That's good to hear that it gets easier. I guess that's why it's called training. Yes, I am very much enjoying the effects! Both the headspace part and the physical part. Performing sex acts while locked is nothing short of amazing! Fun? Definitely intense. I can refer you to the photos in my profile. :D
  4. I've been locked six months tomorrow. I'm in for life
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  5. That's sounds divine! Good for you, Doris.