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Chastity Control and Technology

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by Fatima Turkot, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Well as you will know in a previous issue "A problem of size" I tell my story with my husband.
    I decided to lock it, and never release it except for cleaning.
    Reading several posts on the blog interested me to take advantage of this situation, so apart from releasing me from his penis, because I have decided to have an employee for myself.
    And to be more organized then look for some application on the phone that could help me. And I found it
    It's called OurHome. I leave the link

    I tell them that this app is going. It is an application that allows you to create a "Family" and assign tasks to different members of the family. As members perform tasks, they earn points, which they can then redeem for prizes. A profile is created for each member and assigned a password, and each one logs on to his / her cell phone.
    The application is designed to assign tasks to children and reward them, but I found a more interesting use lol.
    For example, I have assigned the following tasks.
    - Wash and iron my underwear - 1 point
    - Sweep the house - 3 points
    - Foot massage - 3 points
    - Causing me an orgasm with oral sex - 5 points.
    - Prepare breakfast - 1 point.
    And so several more tasks. Then in the prizes section I configured
    - Prostate massage 50 points.
    - Ruined orgasm (max 2 minutes out of the cage) 100 points.
    - Let me penetrate (max 2 minutes) 1,000 points.
    As you will see I put the penetration 1,000 points, because I do not want it to penetrate me. He would have to be my employee for more than 3 months to collect that amount of points, considering that he does not cash any prize. But you can configure it as you like.

    I hope you like my contribution. And I expect your opinions.
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  2. I like the idea! I bet he will search for tasks he can do even if all work is done. I am curious if he is saving points until 1000 for penetrating you.
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    I suppose that all those points would be a tease for the subbie in his little cage. I try to make keyholding and FLR as simple as I can and that means rewards and punishments happen when I think they are deserved.
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  4. At the moment I'm doing very well. Apparently he is saving the points. You already have points for the smallest reward, but you do not redeem it. Anyway I do not think it will last too long without changing the points, as it is very anxious.
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  5. It's actually quite simple. He does homework and gets prizes. I do not want him to penetrate me, and if he wants to do it, it's going to cost him dearly. If on the other hand he accepts that I do not want penetration because he could have prizes more often. Tradeoff. It is simple.
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  6. Yes, simple and effective! I am a great fan of technical based managing solutions for chores, scheduling, reminding, surveillance et cetera.
    It is special kind of merciless, incorrupt, omnipresent .... I like being dominated this way by my Mistress .... even when she is absent!

    But there is only one thing I do not understand: Why do You offer penetration as reward on 1000 points regardless you dont want him to penetrate You?
    In my opinion a Mistress neednt to agree anything she really dont want just to reward her "slave".
  7. I would like to be on an orgasom times table . Where I had to give her a certain amount by oral sex , with a vibrator , and other with my hands ect. When I met my quota I would be able to have an orgasom of her choosing. She doesn't need as many orgasoms as I do or as often to stay satisfied. So I figured I say I had to give her twenty orgasoms to be released it would probably take around three months bc she only wants an orgasom about every three or four days. I also can't always get her off with just oral. It would be very frustrating and exciting to try !!
  8. Have you seen the movie "Hunger Games"? This sentence is true:
    Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous.
    With the thousand points I give you hope ... Very little, but I do not remove it at all. That will keep you motivated. I also think that if he manages to accumulate the points is a great merit and deserves a prize. I do not want it to penetrate me, but once every 3 months (in the worst case) I could bear it. But I think it is difficult to accumulate points, today, for example, I already exchange a prize. LOL
  9. With the application "OurHome" you could do it. For example: 1 orgamos of her. 1 point And as a reward Orgasm you can buy it with 20 points. We like it very much. Especially me.
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  10. Is our home and app ?
  11. "OurHome" is a application for smartphone with Android or iOS.
    Within the application charge tasks that are worth points. And I assign the tasks to my husband. When he does a task, he wins the points. And then he can redeem the points for rewards.
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  12. Thanks !! Sounds like a good idea !!
  13. And what if he didn't do a task then what? Do you deduct points in this case?
    Also do you deduct point for misbehaving? Is app support such functions?

    And what was a prize? What did he choose?

    How does your husband like this whole point system?

    @Fatima Turkot@Fatima Turkot thank you a lot for sharing such a great app! :)
  14. Tried the point system. Things just seem to happen when they happen. I do lots and lots for "our home" everyday without a rewards driven system, although I wish I could make it work for us. Thanks for sharing. I will look it up.
  15. No, the application does not deduct points.
    But I created a reward called "Discount points" and I exchange it in case I want to subtract points when my husband does not do homework or misbehaves.
  16. And what was a prize? What did he choose?

    How does your husband like this whole point system?
  17. For the moment he has exchanged these two prizes:
    - Prostate massage 50 points.
    - Ruined orgasm (max 2 minutes out of the cage) 100 points.

    He's really worked hard to get the points, and he's earning points faster than I expected. First spent 50 points, then tried to save to reach the 1,000, but yesterday did not stand and scored the prize of 100 points. So as it goes, I see it difficult that I can save the points. LOL
  18. It has been 12 days since we used the application, and he has totaled 185 points. But he has already spent 150, so he has been able to save 35 points in 12 days.
    Get approximately 15 points per day, at that rate would accumulate 1,000 points in about 65 days. But as he uses the points, at the same pace, he saved 3 points a day, so it would take him about 335 days to save 1,000 points. I am very happy with these numbers :)
  19. Just downloaded the app, seems fantasting!
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  20. Showed this thread to Mistress! She said that we don't need an app! I just need to do everything to Her and for her, as She wishes and I will be taken care of in ways that She only knows. I just have to trust Her!
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  21. I would like to see this system used in conjunction with the DreamLover 2000 !