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chastity cage help

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by littleshy, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. So, i'm gonna start by explaining myself a bit.

    I'm a young male person who is into chastity and femdom play for a couple of years now but i have a problem.
    A year or 2 ago I really wanted to try the chastity experience so i bought myself a (legit) cb 6000. it took a couple times to actually get it on the first time (i get erect almost immediatly if i put on the first ring but nevermind that). when i finally got it on with the biggest ring my balls would turn purple or almost black and hurt a lot so i always had to take it of after a couple minutes. One time the ring even broke by just wearing it when i got an erection. also my cock never completely fits in the cage and was always about half out (even when flaccid and filled to the top).

    so i got online and bought a bunch of chinese copies to try some different sizes and shapes. however they all are to small in some way. With most of them the biggest basering is 50mm (and according to the various tutorials and calculators online i would need a basering of 60mm to be comfortable, i never came across a cage with that size basering. also it would have to have some length in it wich makes it impossible to wear on a daily basis because of the bulkyness of those cages.

    So if someone can help me find something that would really be appreciated (preferebly affordable, afterall i am still a student and don't have money for a custom cage).

    ps sorry if my english is rubbish, its not my native tongue.
  2. There is a CB3000, I think that is made for large penises that you can check out. The problem with a lot of guys is that they do not fit into one sex fits most devices.
    CBX makes a device for larger males called The Curve. Check it out to see if it is a better fit. They also make two larger rings which you can find here.

    I wanted to do 24/7 chastity for a few years so I tried the big brands and some Chinese but not fit right and were comfortable for 24/7/365 wear. Twice the ring on my CB6000 broke and once the cage split. It is not designed for 24/7 wear but for occasional wear for play. Keep in mind that the devices you are buying are sold as novelty devices, not chastity devices like a custom cage is. Here are the terms of CBX, the maker of the CB line:

    1) Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

    2) We will not issue credits or refunds for any attempted returns.

    3) We will not be held liable for any injuries as a result of these products.

    4) These are strictly novelties. We do not guarantee or warrant any specific results.

    5) While we do ship promptly, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

    I ran into a problem with two Chinese made cages and I was told the same thing. They are novelty items and not sold for any specific purpose. The folks at CBX told me that their devices are not made for extended full time wear. Some things require paying the price of admission. I have been into many sexual fetishes and this is one of the least expensive ones. I spent more than $300 on a good whip a few years ago as well as a lot of quality restraints and other BDSM toys. I look at it like this, I cannot even get a decent Escort for $300 and even if I could it would only be one night of pleasure. For same price I got a fine stainless steel Jailbird from Mature Metal that fits me like a glove and makes me forget I am wearing it for most of the day. I got 1,460 days of pleasure for the same amount of money. There are many things in life that you have to pay to play. It has been my experience that when I buy the cheap stuff that is almost as good, I tend to lose interest because I do not get the same experience as I would for the good stuff. In chastity play, unless you are very comfortable wearing your cage, you will quit it like over 90% of men do once their initial erection producing excitement ends, and it will end. Then putting up with a ill fitting device will not be fun at all.

    Check out the Curve but for less than twice the price you can get a custom cage that will fit you like a glove and be so comfortable that when you take it off you feel uncomfortable. :)
  3. @Vinny@Vinny i have said befor that you have more knowledge about chastity than probably anyone. I was wondering about your comment that 90% of men quit once the initial erection producing Excitment ends. I agree with you. My question is how long does it take for this 90% to get to that point. Thanks for your posts.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here and came across this website because I'm looking for the right chastity cage size of the CB series. I never wore a chastity cage before. My flaccid penis length is about 6.2 cm (2.44 inches).
    Should I go with the
    - CB 6000s (cage size 2 1/2 inches = 6,4 cm) or
    - CB3000 (cage size 3 inches = 7,4 cm°

    Thanks for your help!!
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  5. No question the shorter one. Most new people make the mistake of going to long and having a ring that is to loose. For length slightly shorter than you are flaccid is about right. For the ring if you can slip a finger between it and your penise your about the right size. After a few days of wearing it for longer times a few hours at a time you'll find what fits best for you. The space between depends more on how high your testicals are normally. When you sleep with your cage on you can expect some discomfort from nocturnal erections but not harmful pain. Their is a difference. Don't get discouraged if you do t find the perfect fit right away it takes some time. I Hope this helps. @Ronn@Ronn
  6. Thank you so much! After reading lots of posts here, I too believe the 6000s will be a better fit. I'm ordering one right now! Thanks for the intel and help.
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