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Chastity Beach

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Chastitysub1964, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Unofficially, we have a nude beach about 3 miles North of High Island Texas. Exotic people and animals it aint. Still it does offer a chance to either see some skin or show some skin. I went out there yesterday and on a tailgate, with all her charms in plain view was a women probably in her thirties. Immediately I felt my cage tighten and I wished I had already peeled my trunks off before reaching her location. No sooner did this thought enter my mind her friend stepped out from behind the truck and it appeared his dick was the size of my forearm. I was thankful I had my caged cock hidden. Never got up the guts yesterday to bare all to the crowd but I did let the sun shine on my cage for 20 minutes. Anyone else hit the nude beach caged and if others see it what is their reaction?
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  2. that is so hot, the humiliation would be intense..
  3. This is something we are planning to do when we find the right opportunity, ie an adult, hedonistic nudist beach.

    the dunes in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria are a possible destination, but we are looking for suitable Greek island at the moment, suggestions welcome....

    My Wife wants to exhibit me caged, plugged, and with a marked bottom.
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  4. Caged, plugged and with a marked bottom. Wow that would open a few opportunities for questions. I'm with you on that one that would be the way to go to the beach.
  5. My Mistress always loved taking me to Hippie Hollow on lake Travis. A few people would ask. A few stare. A few laugh. She'd pick out attractive, well hung men and have me ask them to join us. It was always varying degrees of humiliating.
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