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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Ellas Plaything, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I have been in various forms of chastity for more than a decade now and have recently arrived at what I think is the best innovation in quite some time. I know that many of you have used external catheters (also called Texas Catheters) inside your chastity device or belt and I have done the same - the biggest problem is that the adhesive doesn't last very long and it can irritate the sensitive skin down there. Also, you need to be released from the device/belt in order to change.

    Well here's the work-around: (I'm afraid it only works for those locked in the "trapped ball" type device such as the steelworxx, millers, mature metal, etc. or the Lori's) Buy silicon catheters in a size larger than would normally fit you, then simply apply them over the OUTSIDE of your device. Squeeze tightly all around to insure the adhesive gets a good bond and then use a small pair of scissors to trim off the extra part that goes beyond the metal (or plastic) of your device. I also trim off a bit of the tube at the end to keep things neat. Once the catheter is applied, provided you have a good hand shower, you only need to change the catheter once a week.

    There are two benefits to this setup: (depending on your point of view) First, I can use the urinal almost completely normally - the only difference is that, in order to avoid leaks out the back of my device, I need to take both the tube and my balls out of my fly while I go (not an issue but make sure you have a bit of privacy). Second, a possible benefit to the keyholder is that you lose any of the pleasurable sensation you can get from spraying the shower water through the slots/holes in the end of your device - I could never achieve orgasm this way but, now that I can only do that once per week when I am permitted to change my catheter, I find that I really miss the feeling!

    Here is a link to the type of catheters I have been using:

    Hope it helps!
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