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Chastity and Pregnancy | Is this the best choice for me?

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by MissyCripsie, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. My boyfriend and I are interested in trying chastity again. (We tried before but it failed miserably due to the device not fitting well). We have looked into devices and are currently waiting for a trial device in the mail. However my boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years and we have dreamed about having a family together. I am 21 and he is 22, we will be going to college right away and have plans to move in and get married, then, of course, have children.

    I would like to know if any of you women out there are planning on having children? Or do you already have children? Is chastity really safe for a couple looking to start a family? I don't want to change anything about his penis and balls or do any kind of permanent damage. Is chastity really the best choice for me?

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  2. It will work just fine, in fact, without him freelancing he will be ready to go every time.
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  3. Using a chastity device will not cause harm any more than masturbating causes blindness.
    Is it possible that using a chastity device improves one's vision? Perhaps there should be a study...
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  4. I am getting married in 9 days and the topic of children has come up since I am almost 34 years old and I don't have much longer to have a kid. I don't want to be 40 and having my first child! My guys cock works just fine when i release him for sex every couple of weeks. We have discussed Chastity possibly going on the back burner once the kid is here, since we will be preoccupied with him, but we won't know until the time rolls around. As long as your guys cock works fine and his balls are able to hang freely and aren't blue or purple, I'm sure you will be able to become pregnant. Sperm count is reduced when the balls get too hot - like if he wears panties that keep his balls close to his body instead of letting them hang like they should or if blood flow is restricted to them, like if his base ring is always too tight.
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  5. That is correct that he will be ready to go, but when trying for pregnancy, it's best to have "fresh" sperm, not sperm that's been sitting for awhile. The body will absorb the old sperm, but still. I know when he and I start trying, I will probably release him every other day to ensure the best possible chance. And the most awesome thing is that he won't be wasting any baby juice by his own hand and a video, lol!
  6. What about if the cage is too narrow? Or even really short? Are you keeping your guy in chastity while trying to have children?
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  7. Well, all that'll do is make it so he can't get hard while in the cage. You still don't want it to be too tight though, as that can impede blood flow to the penile tissue and possibly cause damage. Cages that are too short/tight are usually reserved for punishment. I think the best bet would to take him out, especially when trying for kids, to make sure he can get a proper erection and ejaculate properly. And yes, I will be keeping him in chastity while trying to have children, just releasing him more frequently for sex;)
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  8. there are tons of resources online for how to measure for a chastity device properly. Just follow those and you'll be fine. No damage will come about because of the device if its properly fitted.
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  9. My wife and I had 5 children during the first seven years of our marriage (we just had our 9th anniversary). Our last one was born after we started chastity.

    Chastity is perfectly safe as far as fertility goes. The only real dangers with chastity are purely external. He could experience some chafing or skin irritation if the device doesn’t fit right.

    Chastity could present some very mild obstacles to impregnation. After extended periods of chastity (2+ months for me) I can’t get hard enough to penetrate immediately after being unlocked. Obviously a man can’t impregnate a woman if he can’t get hard enough to penetrate her. But this doesn’t last very long. A few hours to maybe a day of being unlocked and everything is back to normal.

    You might want to consider what role chastity should play during and after pregnancy. My wife was quite pleased to have me chaste during the second half of her pregnancy when she didn’t want sex and for the first 90 days after delivery. For her it was 5 months of me not being able to make her pregnancy discomfort worse by having intercourse with her followed by 3 more months of guaranteed birth control. She couldn’t have been happier.

    Our youngest is 18 months and since he’s been born I think I’ve had 3 times where I got to be unlocked and have intercourse with my wife. The last time I wasn’t allowed to orgasm because my wife was close to her ovulation cycle and she doesn’t want me getting her pregnant.

    So, though you’re questioning the effect of chastity on fertility, you might one day find value in chastity as a birth control method.
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  10. Thank you all for your replies. I feel more comfort trying chastity again thanks to your advice. :)
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  11. I have 2 children. Four and one year old.
    And we played with chastity years before that.
    So, there is another no for your question.
  12. I’m not a woman, but I’ve successfully impregnated one twice. Both times we got pregnant within a couple of months of trying and we only had sex for 3 day’s in each fertile period.

    I think chastity helps the process. Why? Because I was a sperm donor in college & I learned that it takes 3 days for sperm cells to mature after genesis. If you masrurbate or have sex constantly your sperms are immature & don’t do thier job. The clinic I went to required at least 3 full days between any ejaculation & a donation. And if the sperm motility dropped, they’d drop you as a donor which meant no $.

    So, when it was time to make babies we got an ovulation monitor, refrained from sex until she was fertile, then fucked like rabbits for a couple of days each month. I refrained from sex or masturbation in the week leading up to her fertile cycle...fortunately we were healthy & everything worked exactly as expected. Not everyone is as lucky as we, of course, but chastity (applied intelligently) enhances the pregnancy process, it doesn’t detract from it.

    Mazeltov, you crazy kids!
  13. Hi@ThatGirl,
    Wish you the best on your wedding day, and I'm sure you are going to make a great Mom to.
  14. i had similar concerns before i conceived. i wanted to ensure he contributed his best seeds. from the time sperm is made to the time it is mature enough to make the journey. depending on how much you want your pregnancy and child to play a role in your lifestyle. if your only concern is a healthy child then make sure he eats well and exercises for 6 months before conception. at 3 months before conception drain him 3 times a week to remove all old sperm. then when it is time you will have the best he has to offer. on the other hand your young and healthy so if you do nothing but copulate your likely to conceive. i know this because the first time we conceived without the above our child was without a heart and i had to give it up at 4 months. the next was with the above and all turned out well. not science though, it could have been just the luck of the draw.