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Chastity and Hernia

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by hornchast, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Has anyone that's had previous hernia repairs ever have any issues with chastity? I had my 2nd repair (this time on the opposite side than when I was a child) back in April. We took chastity very lightly as to not rush things and slowly get back into it. I'm recently on day 6 of 23 and felt the need to get back in shape so I went to the gym a few days ago. All went well and felt great knowing I could stay locked and work out but today I road a different bike and once I got off I felt a pain in my groin on the side where I had a repair. I didn't feel it when I was riding or else I would've stopped. Now I know if it's a serious concern for me, I should see a doctor so we can avoid all those comments as I will go if it doesn't get better or gets worse. It may even just be a muscle/tendon that got over worked. So now I'm curious if any others have had hernia repairs and any chastity implications with it.
  2. Update: my gf drove 45min to come let me out as we live apart right now and the pain/discomfort has subsided a bit. I think we learned the importance of having an emergency key hidden. I insisted she hold both keys as the thrill is a lot stronger but you never know when you may it..
  3. I never had any problems.
    Got hernia fixed years before chastity and never got any indications something is wrong...
  4. Just had three of them fixed, I tested my Lori 2b several times and within 1 hour I was in discomfort. I ended up waiting 7 weeks till I could wear it again.
  5. I have had 2 done and never though it interfered with chastity.