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Chastity and Femininity

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by uipsdafir, May 10, 2017.

  1. It seems to me that wearing a chastity device presents some problems for us who like to appear feminine. By wearing a device, that horrid bulge in the groin area becomes bigger, and makes it even harder to fit inside panties. The other thing is that I find it more difficult to keep up a feminine pose, because there is suddenly something big and lumpy between my legs. It makes it difficult to keep ones legs together, for example by sitting cross-legged.

    Ladies, how do you deal with this?
  2. When I was wearing a CB knock-off I did experience the troubles you speak of. With my small open design cage with the magic lock, though, I find I can fit into anything but thong/g-string type panties. I would suggest boy panties/hipsters? They give more coverage but still with a lovely feminine look to them. Also, crotchless panties might work. I don't have any right now. The size problem is always going to be there with the full coverage devices, I'm afraid. Hope this helps a little.
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  3. I can relate to problems with the CB. My little girl was lost in a cavern! My Jailbird is much more discrete, but after 5 months I find I don't much care anyway. Yes there's a bulge there. Wanna feel it? Check it out?
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  4. I wear the model in my avatar - I been wearing Jockey Panties model 1372 - They cover the cage well - The fabric feels soft and smooth. I final found a style that works for me
  5. easy, get the smallest metal cage and ring that you can fit in without much discomfort or get a belt like neosteel
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  6. I wear Boyshort style panties as they have more room in the gusset area to support the cage and keep the "lump" down there to a minimum. When I have to look really feminine down there, I am required to tuck and wear a panty girdle to maintain my femininity! Sadly, She figured out that my wearing the plastic 3D KTB allows me to tuck and still be caged, so, on certain occasions, that has been required of me. (Painful). But, all in all, enjoying the femininity is well worth a little discomfort.
  7. i tuck when i'm out and i only has to wear my cage when I'm at home or when we go to a place that I'm spose to have it on.
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  8. :( Jemima I thought you had you cage on all the time.
  9. I am androgynous, or so I'm told because I have very feminine features. I have been wearing panties and lingerie since I was 13 and that includes pantyhose. When my mistress decided I needed to start wearing a cock cage I of course wondered what I'd wear with it. I wear panties...nylon briefs work very well because I wear a steel cage. I can wear hipster bikinis but not thongs. On a couple of occasions I have worn a panty girdle. Now, the problem came up about wearing pantyhose while caged. It can be done but is not preferable so my mistress decided that when I was to wear nylons it would be with a garter belt and that works great. I always wear nylon briefs with the garter belt and always in matching colors. Besides I love wearing them. I now wear a garter belt and nylons under my slacks when we go out and I want to wear nylons. I present as a girl regularly and then I sometimes have to wear a panty girdle depending on what I have on, e.g., a straight skirt.
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  10. for those who are super growers like my puck that also makes you a super shrinker. the first time i saw my puck with just part of it's head sticking out i was scared something was very wrong. upon inquiring he said watch this. he pulled his scrotum up and wiggled it back and forth then let his balls fall. it was completely gone. seeing that a new idea was born.the next day i ordered the parts and a week or so later they arrived. that night i told him to do it again. i pulled out my marker and a pa lock. i marked the spots to pierce 8 holes and 4 bar bells. took 6 weeks to heel but it was another month before i could use them. i just threaded the pa lock through all 8 holes( just 4 canals ) and locked it. i should have made the canals longer for the head was able to see out but could not get out. probably the best cage for a tight dress. i think i can see the lock but when i feel for it i am seldom right.
    the bonus was i put the barbells back up top with half inch balls closest to his groin. a sexual adventure all unto itself.
  11. no i am not in my cage all the time i am allow to tuck and that makes me nice and flat in my knickers when we go out some places. i am in my cage all the time at home and when we go to other places that Mistress thinks i shud has it on. and in bed as well.
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