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Change of mind

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by harddenial, May 4, 2017.

  1. I think it is time to put her over your knee or better yet, really pleasure her by tying her to the bed and using a vibrator on her for hours. There are some nice videos using a magic wand. I saw one where she was left for quite a while and actually passed out. She has had her fun at your expense but please 6 months. Clearly she doesn't care for you at all. I think she needs to be tested to see how important this is to her. She doesn't appear to be keeping her end of the bargin up ( unless thats what you discussed). I suspect you might be failing the "test" all women use to see if we are worthy. How about a 6 month role reversal?
  2. I never quite know if my last O was my last O. She could decide that I am better without them, and we don't have the "she needs my cock" type of sex life. She prefers toys and oral, so it's more of something she does as a treat.

    So I never know if she just might stop giving them to me. So far I usually make her feel so good she wants to, but there is always the possibility that she doesn't want my attentiveness to wane again.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I think she sees this as a role reversal from many earlier years. We have been practicing orgasm denial for a few years now and during that time she has been growing increasingly dominant (generally) which I have been pleased to see. She knows I like playing the long game so is happy to push my limits. I gave her a nice kiss as we got on with our day. She knew what I meant by it without me saying anything.
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  4. My wife told me today that she now expects pussy worship sessions to last at least an hour. Anything else would be unsatisfactory. Having done no teasing on me last time, this morning she teased me to distraction by running her fingers gently up and down my ass crack all the time I was caressing her clit. Although I stayed caged throughout anyway, the ten day timer on the Ksafe containing the key was up and she reset it for another ten days. Later when we were preparing lunch she picked our last cucumber from the garden, and brought it in smiling. I thought she was smiling because it was late in the year to find one, but she showed it to me: it was bent at 60degrees, and she said laughing "looks just like your cock locked in the cage!"