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Change of mind

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by harddenial, May 4, 2017.

  1. My wife recently returned from a long trip and we had the chance for some intimacy for the first time in 5 weeks. Afterwards, relaxed, she told me that she has had a change of mind on penetration and it was now back on the agenda (after over 2 years). Wow, no objections from me. But most if not all such occasions will not result in ejaculation for me. She said that she was sticking to the "between 1 and 6 orgasms a year" for me; I don't know how many or when they will be. And that for some or all of them the cage will not be removed. Nice to see her telling me what she wants and how things will be in a no-nonsense way!
  2. You have very loving Mistress/KH there. Your in for a wild journey
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  3. Thats awesome.
  4. Well my tongue must be the best exercised muscle in my body: today she wanted 69-position pussy worship for a solid hour and enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. Not just gentle licking either as she wanted my nose pushing into her vagina while my tongue did its work. At the end I had what is now the familiar "ghost" orgasm where I feel like I came, tickly-sensitive, tingling skin and slightly out of breath. In practice just a few drips of precum escaped from my cage. She said that it was nice and thanked me, and I did likewise, thanking her for the opportunity.
  5. Sounds good to me and what we basically do. Very few orgasms and locked 24/7. Unlike you, we cannot remember the last time we had intercourse. My guess is 15-20 years ago. I do not even remember what it feels like. My wife loves her vibrator and up to a few years ago, had her girlfriend to give her orgasms. Any attention my penis gets is due to her loving me, not lusting me.
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  6. About a year ago my wife decided to sleep in the spare room as her sleep patterns were quite erratic and she didn't want to frequently disturb me. She joins me early morning when she wants pussy worship (typically weekly). I'm locked 24/7 so am used to sleeping with the cage on, I hardly notice it till morning wood but I can handle that now. I lube my skin before sleep so that everything is free to slide around. Last night I was doing this in the ensuite and as I lubed my testicles and perineum I started leaking precum uncontrollably, causing a large puddle on the stone tiles. This had obviously been created during the hour of pussy worship in the morning and had been waiting all day for a chance to exit. The body is an amazing thing!
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  7. We have plenty of PIV - so go for it. I actually do think that mine would want even more PIV, she would have have to remember to stop me finishing. Not being allowed to finish takes PIV from the utmost of conquests, to one of the more intense t&d techniques.
  8. Recently I bought some lube etc from an adult online store and was sent a cheap rubber male masturbator as a "free gift". I unwrapped it and put the outer carton in the recycling, and threw it into the reject/old toy box. So today my wife comes to me and says "I was just sorting the cardboard recycling... Why exactly did you buy a masturbation device? You are locked up and the only thing your cock will enter is my pussy when I decide I want it to." I explained that it was a free gift and I hadn't wanted/ordered it. "Just as well. Now see about recycling it too as you won't ever be using it!"
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  9. Congratulations!
  10. She has you were she wants you. Your lucky you weren't disciplined for having it.
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  11. No sign of penetration happening any time soon! This morning she asked for some pussy worship. I had a good shower to wash off running sweat (which I would be berated for if detected!) and by the time I joined her in bed and put my face between her legs her vulva was already very wet in anticipation. My tongue was put to work for an hour as she had multiple orgasms. Usually she caresses my balls and perineum while avoiding my locked penis; this time she didn't even do that, but just stroked my back for a few minutes before totally relaxing and letting the orgasms wash over her. After she had had enough orgasms, she told me it had ben very nice and thanked me for my efforts, before getting up to go visit a lady friend.
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  12. Is that like going to see a man about a dog?
  13. :)
  14. Today instead of being relaxing during pussy worship my wife was really getting into the teasing with a beautiful massage of my perineum. It felt wonderful and after she had had enough orgasms she told me I could have one too if I wanted (two months since the last). I was taken aback and feeling wonderfully horned-up and hesitated too long in response (I guess I was thinking of the let-down) so she said, Ok, that's it, you'll have to wait again now.... Such a hesitation is a new thing for me, so I guess it is another factor in the long-term chastity effects list!
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  15. I have often found after a period (though never as long as you) of no orgasms... sometimes having a short period of plenty organisms sort of resets the system and once the chastity period starts again.. that feeling of insane hornyness is greatly increased.
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  16. You snooze you loose. She realized quickly that you didn't need it that bad yet
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  17. A nice example of this recently. A week since my last pussy worship, I decided to ask her if she would like some. "Not today, later" was the reply. Three days later she gets into bed and drapes her left leg over mine, a sign meaning "you may, now." She laid back and relaxed totally and enjoyed some nice orgasms which had her clawing the bed. As this happened I had my "ghost" orgasm due to "experiencing" hers where my skin becomes ultra sensitive and I'm slightly out of breath. When she'd finished she started caressing my balls which tickled like crazy; she paused as I experienced this and said "oh, that's a shame" and that was that. Yes it was a shame as I'd been experiencing the "real chastity" feeling of badly needing to come, dripping through the night etc. To make matters worse, she then said that she was going to recharge the shaver to trim her pussy hairs....
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  18. So I was called in to shave her pussy, a very rare treat which I carried out very carefully. As she got up she said ``I shall be expecting some spectacular pussy worship after letting you do that." She really seems to be enjoying my highly frustrated condition and is pushing all my buttons. It has taken quite a while but I think she is now entirely comfortable with me being locked-up 24/7 and is appreciating the benefits more and more.
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  19. Subsequently she had me test her newly shaved pussy by giving it a trial licking. She dissolved into "tickling" hysterics and told me yes that was fine and to stop. By the time she went out in the evening I was fit to burst and so self-milked with my njoy wand, still with the cage on of course. She doesn't mind me doing this as long as I don't make myself cum. Wow what an amazing result. First about 3 tea spoons of precum and as I continued, a minute or two later, about the same amount of prostate fluid. The feeling of the latter was really intense, it felt like I was close to cumming, but it never happened. After I felt pretty drained, but fortunately a lot less frustrated!
  20. Well that was an interesting Election night. As the results came in my wife had me put my face between her legs and provide pussy worship for an hour. Although I could feel ripples of pleasure I knew that she hadn't orgasmed. Then she told me enough , it felt very nice, but she was too distracted and her orgasm would have to wait a day or two. I love the way she is now happy to use me completely for her own sexual pleasure.
  21. So just now, two days later, I offer to complete the job and bring her to orgasm. I had just shaved and my face was nice and smooth as she likes it. During the night I was aware of considerable dribbling from my caged penis and was feeling very horny. She was sitting up in bed looking at her iPad. Fortunately her reply was OK, and she just carried on looking at the iPad while I worked away with my tongue. After about half an hour her breathing changed and soon after she put the iPad down followed by wave after wave of orgasms. I (or rather my tongue) was getting very tired and her call of "enough" was welcome. She said thanks, that was really nice, and then gave me the look of "And?". I knew what she meant without her having to say anything so I took myself off to make the breakfast feeling great after the magical intimacy.
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  22. Yesterday it was seeming like a very long time since my wife last gave me an orgasm on March 28th. We don't do spoiled, it's all or nothing. The result of 24/7 long-term chastity was really starting to have an effect and I was dribbling constantly and feeling really full to bursting. In order to stick to two of our rules of (i) not trying to come with a vibrator on the cage, (ii) no topping from the bottom, I had to sort the situation by "taking things into my own hands". When caged this of course has an entirely different meaning, i.e., milking. So I got to work with the Njoy wand and over a period of half an hour of slow, gentle massaging, the fluid kept on coming and coming like a fast dripping tap. At the end I was feeling quite sensitive and quite emptied, what a relief. What surprised me after was that for the next two times I took a piss my urethra burned slightly like it does when you ejaculate for the first time in ages (I just about remember that feeling!). I was a bit puzzled until I realized that when milking only some of the ejaculate would drip out through the cage, some would end up in my bladder and be expelled later. When my wife got home she thought I looked a "bit drained" which I thought was a great way of describing my relieved state!
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  23. My wife and I belong to a few clubs/societies/organizations jointly and some singly. Last night my wife went to a bbq for one of her own interests, with a woman friend, and got home at midnight smelling of smoke and sweaty from the warm evening. This morning she looked very disheveled and as we were chatting in bed she started rubbing her clit which is a sure invitation to me. Despite her being `far from fresh' I couldn't turn this down and she enjoyed several Os. The last orgasm she gave me was March 28th so I was hopeful when she started to stroke the insides of both my thighs, gently brushing the cage as she went. She carried on for a while and I was starting to get hopeful. She then touched the end of my penis, felt the drip, and promptly stopped. She definitely knows what chastity is about now!
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  24. So today was 16 weeks since my wife last gave me an orgasm of any form. While I was working at the computer she appeared at the door draped in a towel after a shower. She gives me the quizzical look as if to say "why am I waiting here?" and a few minutes later we are enjoying pussy worship. One difference: I'm unlocked till Sunday for a bit of skin recuperation, and on "best behaviour". So I'm thinking four months and unlocked, this must be my lucky day. My wife had some great orgasms and we much enjoyed the intimacy but it ended with her putting the pillow on my chest and getting straight up. "Very nice, thanks" was her only comment.
  25. Today it was over 6 months since my wife last gave me an orgasm and after her shower following a fitness class she indicated that she was in need of some attention. She laid back and enjoyed several orgasms, hardly touching me at all, and at the end of nearly an hour of tongue-work I was ready for some attention myself. But she quite surprised me by saying "I guess you're expecting some teasing, well I've decided I've been too soft in the past, and you should really be happy with having the opportunity to give me some great orgasms, so now we're done here." So 6 months without an O and caged most of the time counts as "soft". I'm thinking that this might be code for "orgasms are history for you"!