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central Texas

Discussion in 'Seeking or soliciting?' started by tiemeupalso, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. is there anyone here in central Texas that could be a KH and or a selfbondage safety person?
  2. I am from west texas.
  3. where abouts.I am east of I35 about 45 miles from Temple.
  4. midland odessa area
  5. a little far
  6. Just a tad
  7. I'm on the south side of Dallas / Fort Worth. Not too far away.
  8. Hello just north of Dallas
  9. not to far, I just don't get up there very often.my only reason for coming up there died last month.
  10. Sorry to hear that but just want to say I'm here if you need to chat about anything and I am always looking for new friends to chat with
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  11. I am also Just north of Dallas and always open for chat.