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    Hello ALL,
    I just want to share that today marked my 90th day of 24/7 lockdown! Of course, that came after MANY MANY MANY days of begging and pleading for MERCY and Leniency! BUT...I am a VERY LUCKY Chaste Slave to one FABULOUSLY WONDROUS MADAME! SHE is the one who should be marking this Anniversary! I am SUCH a pain in the "A" to her so many times... YET for some reason she keeps me as her own. FOR THIS AND SO SO SO MANY OTHER THINGS....I AM FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT MADAME "E"!!!! FOREVER!
    Just to share a little about the journey to this point. This session started off like all others, destination unknown! UNTIL I made a comment of having a "Dream" session in my mind that I have always wanted to complete, yet have ALWAYS been to weak! SO, Madame "E" to the rescue! She MADE certain that there was NO QUESTION that I WOULD ABSOLUTELY make my dream session time and THEN SOME! SO.... I am NOW on the "and some"! Almost at 91 days, with almost three more days to go.
    I have shared my "Friend Link" in another posting about Emlalock and us self lockers...who really are not "self" locking anymore. Madame has a line she uses..."Getting locked in chastity IS my choice"... "Getting unlocked is NOT!"

    SO... here you go to ALL who would like to have a voice in my fate! Madame warned me that I may VERY WELL regret sharing my friend here, but I think it is important to show Madame just how submissive I am and HOW MUCH SHE HAS CHANGED ME! PLEASE help a chaste boy out and VOTE MINUS!!!??? please??

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