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Discussion in 'PA5000' started by ozoner55, Sep 23, 2009.

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    cb5000. I've tried all the other cbxxx devices. I also have a #6 Lori tube that is a whole catagory of it's own as for as security goes. The cb5000 is very comfortable. The PA pin was about a 5 ga so i had to do a little stretching of my piercing, but today it is worth while. When the penis is relaxed i can hardly tell that i am secured. Erections are possible, but relatively comfortable if you have the right diameter device. I suppose some men could come with this on but i can't. It is not secure like a Lori, but it makes up a lot of points in comfort, hygienne and no unsightly bulge. The most comfortable pracical device that i have ever owned. I reccomend it.
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